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In some states, you can now take a concealed carry class online in order to get your concealed carry permit. The requirements for that permit, and the online class offerings, vary greatly from state to state.

PDN Training Talk co-hosts Deryck Poole and Barret Kendrick discuss various aspects of taking an online concealed carry class. Barret has created his own online concealed carry class for people in his home state of Louisiana, and has plans to adapt and export it to other states.

In some states, “online concealed carry training” means watching a five-minute video and taking a short quiz in order to get the permit. In Louisiana, nine hours of classroom training (either online or offline) and a shooting qualification are required to obtain a CCW.


Barret compares the two classroom experiences. In an online concealed carry class, the student can consume the material at their own pace and at a convenient time for them. They can rewatch the videos multiple times, and watch an hour per day or even less.

In-person instruction may mean a nine- or ten-hour day and the resultant information overload. Students may not be able to retain all the information presented on that one day.

Barret and Deryck agree that one advantage of an in-person concealed carry class is being out on the range and shooting, doing some real handgun training. This will prepare students for the shooting qualification much more than an online class will. Again, live-fire requirements in order to get a CCW vary widely from state to state.


One disadvantage of an online concealed carry class is that you don’t have the opportunity to instantly ask the instructor a question when one pops into your head. Also missing is the related phenomenon of class discussion based on someone’s question. For his online classes, Barret is available to answer questions by email and phone, but as he notes, the experience is not the same as answering students’ questions as they come up.

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