Show Us Your Everyday Carry

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61 Responses to “Show Us Your Everyday Carry”

  1. Tigermuskie6

    I work the night shift, so having something reliable is a must.

  2. Antnony

    In the photo is my personal G2C 40 cal from Taurus. I added a custom black gator skin with an ADE green dot site and Solofish LED light. The mag extensions are also wrapped in the custom skin.

  3. Doc

    You are your own first responder

  4. John

    one more thing, in Germany You'd need a (in Gertman) "kleiner Waffenschein" a small Gun License to carry a Gun firing Blanks like ( off Your Property. Can You dig that? Regards John the Baptist, Capricorn, December 23rd. 1959

  5. John

    How I carry daily. Weight with all Guns about 250 Kilogramms. I always use to have it with me riding my E-Bike WINORA SINUS N5 / First it's been kinda heavy, but I got use to it soon. (in Germany it's the only Way to leagal carry off Your Property)

  6. Bulletcatcher

    Pic won't download. I carry a Kimber Rapide in 9mil. Backup is a Walter PPK 380mil. Both fit in the same 1791 leather IWB holster. When working and in a suit I carry a Kimber, ported, 10mil, in a shoulder holster. Other EDC, Kershaw Auto, battery op fire starter, i3 flashlight and a tach pen.

  7. David

    John’s right. Stop this flaunting to the gov madness!

  8. Christopher Williams

    I alternate between a Taurus G2S .40 S&W, Hi Point C9, and SAR B6 9mm.

  9. Brian

    M&P S&W red reflex sight relieved barrel

  10. John New

    My EDC, C2 with RMR, Microtech SOCOM Elite folder, RFID Carbon Fiber wallet and Streamlight Stiletto Pro light, F250 keys!