• 12:59

    Weapons-Based Ground Fighting

    This detailed video lesson by Todd Fossey of Integrative Defense Strategies is geared toward people who have no training in armed or unarmed ground fighting, up to an intermediate skill level. If that describes you, or if you’d like a new perspective, this video is for you. Weapons-based grappling on the ground has a lot…

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  • 3:18

    Consistency in a Second Concealed Carry Gun

    Many of us have multiple concealed carry guns. PDN’s Deryck Poole offers some tips for selecting and outfitting that second (or third) carry gun. If you carry a full-size handgun as your everyday concealed carry gun, there may be times when you can’t carry it because you can’t properly conceal such a large gun. This…

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  • 2:59

    Short Grip, Longer Slide for Concealed Carry

    Over the years, Rob Pincus has done a lot of shooting with handguns that have a short grip and a longer slide. He explains why this is his preferred configuration for concealed carry. ADVANTAGES OF A SHORT GRIP For anyone who carries a handgun centerline (in front of the body, also known as appendix carry),…

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  • 2:23

    An Update on Becoming a Defensive Shooting Instructor

    If you’re interested in becoming a defensive shooting instructor, there are more ways to do that today than there were in the past. Learn more about one comprehensive and professional program. THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW A few years ago, PDN’s Deryck Poole made a video about becoming a defensive shooting instructor. Things have…

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  • 4:35

    Ballistic Gel Test: Inceptor .380 Auto

    PDN conducts ballistic gelatin testing on the Inceptor .380 ACP round. How does it compare to a standard .380 ball round and a non-bonded hollow point? INCEPTOR .380 AUTO The Inceptor is a frangible round that has cut outs in it. They are designed to increase the damage that the round does inside the human…

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  • 4:40

    Make an Appendix-Carry Holster More Comfortable and Concealable

    It’s DIY time with PDN Contributor Deryck Poole, who shows how to easily and economically make an inside-the-waistband holster more comfortable and concealable. FOAM PADDING FOR IWB HOLSTERS Some holster makers include this on their handgun holsters: foam padding on the part of the holster that faces the body, down near the muzzle. Over time,…

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  • 13:35

    Extended Magazines as Spares for Compact Handguns

    Rob Pincus explains the advantages of carrying extended magazines or longer full-size magazines as spares when carrying a compact or subcompact gun. It’s not just the extra rounds, but also the gun handling aspects of a larger magazine. WHAT’S YOUR CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUN? If you carry a subcompact gun or a gun with a chopped…

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  • 2:51

    Safe Appendix Carry Presentation with CrossBreed Holsters

    Presenting a firearm from the appendix carry position can be done safely, should be done safely, and can be done comfortably if you wear the right type of holster. Rob Pincus demonstrates how. Carry the Cross Rob is wearing the gun and holster he carries more than any others: a Springfield Armory XD-S 4-inch in…

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  • 4:15

    Reviewing the Glock G48

    Rob Pincus reviews the Glock G48, the first mid-size single-stack 9mm with 10+1 round capacity from Glock. It’s similar in size to the Glock 19. G48’s Slim Profile A lot of people, including Rob, have been looking forward to a slimmer Glock, and the G48 is it. It is built around a proprietary magazine that…

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