Rob Pincus

Presenting the Grand Power Q1S

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Rob Pincus is a big fan of the Grand Power brand and has been excited about the Grand Power Q1S 9mm striker-fired carry gun becoming available in the U.S. He introduces the Q1S and discusses its features and performance.

Earlier Grand Power Models

The Grand Power Q1S represents a new era for the Grand Power brand in the United States in terms of its being a firearm for concealed carry.

Grand Power handguns feature a rotating barrel and are incredibly well built and durable. They’ve had a niche following for their triggers, reliability, and shootability. But most Grand Power handguns have been too large for practical concealed carry and defensive use.

Grand Power is also known for their Double-Action/Single Action guns, which Rob is not a fan of because of the complications that are added by a hammer-fired gun in terms of using it efficiently for personal defense and maintenance.

Superior Features of the Q1S

The Grand Power Q1S is striker-fired and therefore a better choice for personal defense, in Rob’s opinion. The Q1S has a 3.7-inch barrel plus all the durability, ruggedness, and soft recoil that comes from the Grand Power’s rotating-barrel design. The Q1S has a steel slide and frame inside the polymer grip, and controls that are easy to reach and manipulate.

It has a very short grip yet holds 12+1 rounds. Rob demonstrates how the Q1S is easily concealable in appendix carry when wearing only a t-shirt and cargo pants. Rob also takes ten shots to show the Q1S’s impressive accuracy for a subcompact self-defense weapon.

New to Market

Grand Power guns are new to the U.S. market and may not be familiar to PDN members, but Rob encourages you to check them out. Their ruggedness and durability are their hallmarks.

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