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Lucid Optics E7 Enclosed Reflex Sight

Rob Pincus
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There’s a great new choice in reflex sights with the E7 Enclosed Reflex Sight from Lucid Optics, and it has their blue reticle. Is blue the best color? Rob Pincus shares his impressions of the E7.


This is Lucid’s motto this year, and the company is committed to the idea of blue being the best color for a self-defense (or combative or hunting), quick-access, urgent application optic color for illumination. The blue in this reticle is the M5 reticle with its eye-driving geometry, which gets the shooter focused on the 4 MOA center dot inside a 32 MOA circle.


Why does Lucid say blue is better? The science behind that statement says that the eye has an easier time focusing crisply on the color blue. So why have there never been any reflex sights with a blue reticle? Blue has been a cost-prohibitive color for the entire optics industry for a long time. But now Lucid is bringing the E7, the first reflex optic in blue, to the market.


The Lucid Optics E7 Enclosed Reflex Sight has, as mentioned, the M5 optic, which is a really fast optic. It has a 60-foot field of view at 100 yards, and Rob believes a wide field of view is important, especially for defensive purposes. The square shape of the E7 gives you more to see than a circle or oval, which cut off the edges.

Battery life is 50,000 hours with a CR2032 battery, and the E7 has shake-awake technology. It comes with two different riser heights for mounting on different firearms. Rob has found Lucid products to be fairly priced, durable, useful, easy to employ, and overall solid pieces of defensive gear. If you’re looking at reflex sights, check out the Lucid E7.

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