Rob Pincus

Proper Defensive Handgun Fit

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   6  mins

What is the key to proper handgun fit? And what factors are often promoted as being key but are actually less important? Rob Pincus demonstrates.

Especially when it comes to using self-defense weapons, it’s very important that the firearm fits your hand not just comfortably on the range but also that you can get a solid, reliable grip easily, quickly, and efficiently when you need it.

This also ties in to how you carry your gun, what kind of holster you use, and how much handgun training and practice you’ve had. However, right away when you pick up a gun, you should look for a couple of things to establish a good handgun fit. The number one thing Rob tells people to look for is that the thumb of the strong-side hand is on the weak side of the gun — next to the frame, not behind the frame.

How Not To Do It

Rob often sees shooters place their hand with an awkward gap around the web of the thumb and finger and the knuckle under the beavertail. This results in the thumb not being able to maneuver or operate the controls on that side of the gun. The shooter gets a lot of irritation, even a blister or cut, on the web of the hand because of pressure and recoil. It’s not comfortable, and recoil can’t be managed well because the gun has room to twist.

Proper Hand Positioning

The handgun should be firmly and solidly in the web of the hand with no gap above the hand. Also the base knuckle of the thumb needs to be on the weak side of the gun. That way the thumb can be moved up and down to operate the safety or the decocker, lock the slide open, or hit the magazine release button.

If you are trying handguns and a handgun does not allow you to position your thumb in this manner, it is not the right gun for you.

Rob has other valuable tips for proper handgun fit in this detailed video.

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