Rob Pincus

Stop Box AR Lock

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

One of the most important responsibilities every gun owner has is to prevent unauthorized access to their guns. But sometimes your guns are going to be accessible and you still want to prevent unauthorized use of them. You may be traveling, or have people in your home who are not authorized to use the guns, but they can go into areas where you have guns staged. You want to make sure they can’t negligently or maliciously use your guns.

That’s where the Stop Box comes in. Many people are familiar with Stop Box boxes, which have mechanical locks and contain a handgun, but not the Stop Box AR Lock. Rob Pincus thinks it’s one of the most versatile use-prevention devices on the market. Let’s see how it works.

The Stop Box AR Lock doesn’t prevent someone from getting their hands on the gun, but it does prevent them from being able to use it. It is installed through the chamber and is called a chamber block or chamber lock. It prevents a user from getting the gun into battery. The bolt can’t go past the block, and a round cannot be chambered.

You can insert a magazine into the gun when the Stop Box AR Lock is in place. This is useful if you are thinking of quick access to the gun when you need it, such as for home defense. Just deactivate the AR Lock, chamber a round, and you’re ready to go.

Setup: Set your own code with a combination of four buttons and then the thumb button to release. You also use that code to install the AR Lock. Rob discusses different scenarios where the AR Lock would be very useful for keeping your gun from being used by the wrong person.

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