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Intro to 30 Super Carry

Rob Pincus
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A lot of people are talking about the newest round on the defensive shooting market, the 30 Super Carry. It offers a lot of advantages if you’re looking for a little more capacity in a little gun. Rob Pincus tells (and shows) us more about it.


One or two more rounds of 30 Super Carry can fit into some subcompact carry pistols as opposed to 9mm rounds. This is important for concealed carry, as those one or two rounds could make a big difference.

But the question is, what’s the performance going to be in the threat? Is the 30 Super Carry going to do what it needs to do when you need to defend yourself or others? That’s the main question for any defensive round. For a new round like the 30 Super Carry, we don’t know, but we can get a good idea via gel testing.

Rob has heard that the 30 Super Carry has been performing very similarly to a 9mm, yet it is a lighter round. It’s also a faster round and a smaller diameter round. In a gel test, we should be able to get depth of penetration and transfer of energy.


The round Rob shoots is the Remington HTP 30 Super Carry JHP. Rob shoots the round from 15 feet and out of a handgun with a four-inch barrel. The round penetrates 18 inches (some experts say 12 to 15 inches is the ideal penetration for self defense, while others say 15 to 18 inches). Here at PDN, we’ve done a lot of tests with handguns with a four- or five-inch barrel being fired at 12 to 15 feet, so there’s plenty of material for comparison.

Rob is happy with a round penetrating either side of 15 inches. This 30 Super Carry round also shows good expansion and weight retention.

Want to know more about 30 Super Carry? Rob does another gel test comparing it to 9mm in a Premium Member video, 30 Super Carry Gel Test.

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