Barret Kendrick

Wifi-Enabled Security Cameras

Barret Kendrick
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Duration:   2  mins

In a world of evolving technology, one action we can take to create a layer of protection and self-defense for ourselves is using small wifi-enabled cameras. PDN Contributor Barret Kendrick of Bearco Training tells us more about them.


These small wifi-enabled cameras are an easy and efficient way to set up a home security camera for surveillance, which offers us an awareness of information. As a defensive firearms instructor, Barret often has people come to him because they’re worried about someone in their life, such as a former partner. People who live alone may also be concerned about their home and personal security. A home security camera can help.


We definitely want to employ alarm systems as part of our home defense tactics, but with these wifi-enabled cameras, a home security camera can also be set up quickly. The camera connects to an app on a smartphone. Notifications can be enabled to instantly alert us if there is someone in the home, or wherever we want to set it up.

The notifications can be set to alert only on motion or motion involving people (not pets).


Another use for these cameras is when we’re traveling. Who’s entering our hotel room while we’re out and what are they doing? The camera can be connected to either the hotel wifi or our phone’s hotspot. Setup takes only a couple of minutes.


Features include magnetic mounts for sticking the camera onto surfaces, pivots to adjust the angle of view, and some cameras are designed to be placed up against glass for surveillance through a window. Some cameras are controllable in the direction in which they are pointed. Others can be set up to track motion. Set it up in a room and as soon as it picks up motion, the camera starts tracking toward the motion.

A home security camera doesn’t prevent crime, but it does give us information so we know what is happening when we’re away from home or a hotel room.

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