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Taser Pulse

Barret Kendrick
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Duration:   4  mins

You may have seen videos of law enforcement officers using Tasers against violent suspects. Taser also makes devices that are designed only for civilian use. PDN Contributor Barret Kendrick of Bearco Training explains the features of these non-lethal self-defense weapons and how they differ from the LE versions.


A Taser is a conducted-energy weapon. The Taser Pulse is designed for civilian application. It uses the same technology as the LE devices, but some differences exist. The Taser Pulse is designed to be more firearm-shaped. One of the benefits of this to those who regularly carry a firearm is that the ergonomics of the Taser Pulse are similar to those of a firearm.

The Pulse takes a proprietary battery from Taser.


This model has some extra features. The Pulse Plus connects to an app on your phone and if you use the Pulse Plus in self-defense, it contacts emergency services and, by using the GPS on your phone, gives them the location the device was deployed at.

The Pulse Plus has a replaceable 123 battery, which can be purchased from retail stores.


Both the Pulse and Pulse Plus fire the same cartridge. It gives you a 15-foot radius. Outside of 15 feet, presumably you will be escaping from the aggressor.

The LE and civilian Tasers both fire barbs that hit the attacker with 50,000 volts and conduct the energy through the body, resulting in neuro-muscular incapacitation (non-lethal self-defense). One big difference between them is the length of time the energy is conducted. With the LE devices, one trigger press results in five seconds of energy.

But the civilian Pulse and Pulse Plus continue to send that electrical current through the body for 30 seconds. That 30 seconds gives the defender the ability to put down the device and run from the threat. However, the trigger can be pressed a second time if necessary.


The civilian devices from Taser are designed to give us a non-lethal self-defense option. This includes people who don’t want to carry a firearm, who can’t carry a firearm because of where they live, or can’t carry one when going certain places.

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