New Lucid Optics M7

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Duration:   4  mins

Whether it’s hunting, precision rifle, or defensive rifle, Lucid Optics has rifle sights that will help you figure out where your bullets are going to go. At the PDN Fall 2021 Live Product Showcase, Contributor Barret Kendrick took a close look at the M7 red-dot sight and the unique reticle it contains.


The M7 took a short break from production while Lucid Optics revised the concept. Now it’s back in a new version and better than ever. Its improved features include 1,000+ hours of battery life. It’s also stronger than the original version. It’s made of aluminum casting, so it’s tough but also lightweight.

The new Lucid Optics M7 comes with three different risers. There’s a low-profile mount for, e.g. an AK, a medium-height mount, and a high mount, making this one of the most versatile rifle sights for whatever platform you’re using.


This unique reticle has a 4 MOA dot in the center, a 32 MOA outer ring, and two wings coming down toward the bottom. The wings can be used for ranging. The reticle is very fast to get on target. It has 11 brightness settings for a variety of lighting conditions, everything from bright sunlight to night-vision compatible. It’s good to go for professional use, defensive use, or full days of rifle training.

On a personal note, Barret has astigmatism, and red-dot reticles usually appear as a big starburst to him, not a clear dot. This is not the case with the M5 reticle in the Lucid M7. There’s a slight halo but it’s much clearer and easier for him to see and use than the reticles in most rifle sights.

To sum it up, the Lucid Optics M7 was already great and now it’s even better. It’s a worthy addition to your defensive gear.

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