Barret Kendrick

ISOtunes Sport Tactical Hearing Protection

Barret Kendrick
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During the PDN Fall 2021 Product Showcase, Barret Kendrick presented the full line of ISOtunes Sport tactical hearing protection products. Rob Pincus added that he personally is becoming a convert to ISOtunes Sport after being a foamies fan for decades.

For Barret, tactical hearing protection is not just about protecting his ears but also about allowing him, as an instructor of firearms training courses, to hear the other things going on around him when on the range. And that’s exactly what these sport models from ISOtunes do. They amplify the surrounding noises but shut off the unsafe sounds before they reach your ears.


Barret is currently wearing ISOtunes Sport’s Advance Tactical Hearing Protection model. It’s a lanyard-style design and they lock in over the ear. The Advance also has different ear pieces that can be put on to customize them the way you prefer. (Barret has them sized differently in each ear.) The Advance model amplifies surrounding sounds eight times while simultaneously shutting off the unsafe sounds, namely gunfire.

The Advance model connects with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The benefits of this are, you can have voice communication via your phone or listen to music (when alone).


Both of these numbers – NRR and SNR – are listed on the package. NRR is Noise Reduction Rating and is used in the United States. SNR is used internationally and stands for Signal-to-Noise Ratio. The NRR of the Advance model is 26. This is quite good for an in-ear model. Big tactical hearing protection muffs have a higher rating but also can get in the way when you’re training or practicing with long guns.


ISOtunes Sport also offers the Defy model, traditional over-the-head earmuffs. The Defy Slim model is a bit lower profile than the Defy and is easier to work around long guns.

We all need hearing protection as part of our accessories when doing firearms training or practice. Check out these ISOtunes Sport models and see which one works best for you.

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