Claude Werner

Reloading a Snub-Nosed Revolver with Pre-Packaged Ammunition

Claude Werner
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Duration:   3  mins

PDN Contributor Claude Werner instructs three shooters how to perform a drill reloading a snub-nosed revolver with prepackaged ammunition. One shooter uses speed strips because he is shooting a Ruger LCR. Two shooters have a speed loader: one an HKS and the other a DS.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Speed Loader

Claude, who is also the Founder and Lead Instructor of Firearms Safety Training, demonstrates the procedure he wants the shooters to use in this gun-shooting drill: after ejecting the empty shells, index the butt of the gun against the stomach. Reach into the strong-side pocket, remove the speed loader and index two rounds onto the upper part of the cylinder. Release them however each shooter needs to, depending on how each speed loader works. Let the speed loader go and it drops onto the ground. Roll the gun over onto the hand to put the cylinder in place, re-present the gun to the target, and fire one shot.

Claude wants the guns loaded with one round only, indexed so the round fires on the first trigger press. The shooters fire one shot, eject that single casing, reload the gun via the reloading device (speed strips or speed loader), and fire one more shot at the same target. Then the shooters take four rounds out, including the fired case, leave one round in, reindex it, reload the speed loader, and repeat the exercise on two other targets. This is a total of six shots—two each on three targets.

Trigger Time

The shooters perform the drill as instructed by Claude. As with many of PDN’s other handgun training videos, Claude has presented the drill slowly and clearly. This makes it easy for anyone to try the drill during their own handgun practice. The close-up camerawork as the shooters execute the drill also shows exactly how the movements should be done.

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