Don Edwards

Introduction to Night Vision

Don Edwards
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Duration:   3  mins

Night-vision gear is no longer solely for military and law enforcement. Many night-vision devices are commercially available and have numerous practical applications. Don Edwards of Green Line Tactical presents an overview of the capabilities and uses of night-vision devices.

Our focus at PDN is on self-defense and defensive gear, and we have reviewed several night-vision devices for defensive use. In this video, Don discusses some other uses for NVDs.


Don demonstrates with a bump helmet, though you could use another type of tactical helmet — many are on the market. You don’t need a ballistic helmet, but a helmet that can mount a night-vision device. With an NVD attached to your helmet, you can see where you’re going in the dark while you hike, rock climb, trail run, or look for nocturnal animals and reptiles — and do it all hands-free.

If you have ever gotten lost while hiking and your day hike unintentionally turned into a night hike, having an NVD with you can mean the difference between getting back home or spending the night in the wilderness.


You can attach a laser to your rifle and get involved in night hunting. Night-vision hog hunting is the fastest-growing segment of the hunting industry right now, and a laser on your rifle is a good starter setup.


Take a smartphone adapter and attach a PVS-14 night-vision monocular to it and you’ll be able to take incredible night-time photos and videos.


Employing night-vision devices to see when the power goes out because of a natural disaster or other emergency is a huge advantage. Night vision goes far beyond what you can see with a flashlight. Being able to see in the dark in a crisis can give you confidence and peace of mind, especially if you become involved in a home defense situation.

If you take part in a community search-and-rescue effort or are looking for your lost dog after dark, night-vision will prove a big asset. Watch Don’s video to hear all his recommendations!

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