Claude Werner

Dryfire Training Drill Practice

Claude Werner
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Duration:   7  mins

In this demonstration, Claude Werner shows you a few dryfire drills that you can use to practice drawing your pistol from its holster and getting off quick, accurate shots. By matching yourself up against the clock, you can train yourself to be quick, precise and calm. These drills can be done with a hip or pocket holster and with any number of handguns, but for demonstration’s sake, our host uses a Glock and revolver replica. The key during these dryfire drills is to beat the timer and get off a precise shot. If you are getting your shot off after the buzzer sounds, slow down the timer and practice until you are able to beat it.

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One Response to “Dryfire Training Drill Practice”

  1. Howard

    I like this video very much and I intend to practice this. Now, how do you feel about training with an airsoft pistol, which fires a shot that can be safely discharged indoors. Is training this skill with an airsoft pistol, firing an actual (plastic BB) shot, a good way to train this skill? Just asking, as I like to train this way. Thank you.

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