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Storing a Tactical Vest and Gear with Your Rifle

Personal Defense Network Editors
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When you store a rifle (or any other firearm), you may or may not store your ammunition with it. One of the most convenient options for keeping ammo close to your rifle is a tactical vest.


Versatile Vests

PDN Managing Editor Rob Pincus demonstrates a vest that has been pre-loaded with rifle magazines. Due to the numerous pockets on a tactical vest, pistol magazines and even shotgun rounds can also be stored in the vest.


Any other self-defense gear you think you might need during a defensive encounter can be put in the pockets of a tactical vest, including bandages, tourniquets, and other medical gear; spare batteries, and small tools.


Grab ‘n’ Go

Pre-load your magazines and store them in a way that’s convenient to access and take them with you when you need to grab your rifle. That could mean the rifle is coming out of the trunk of your vehicle, out of a safe, out of a storage room, or that the rifle is in your safe room where you’re going to barricade yourself and wait for law enforcement to arrive if an intruder is in your home.


If your option for self or home defense is the rifle, it’s a big advantage to have a tactical vest that you can quickly and easily put on and then get to your rifle. You’ll have a ready supply of ammunition at hand for reloading the rifle while you move forward to get to your family or your safe room, or while you’re barricaded there.
When planning your home defense tactics, think about how you’re going to store your equipment. Have it readily accessible and make it easy to take everything with you without having to stop and jam magazines and other gear into your pockets or onto your belt line.

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