Rob Pincus

Dot, Circle, or Circle-Dot Reticle?

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Reticle choices are now available for pistol optics: a dot, circle, or circle-dot. Rob Pincus demonstrates using a handgun equipped with a Holosun Optics HE509T, which has a 2MOA dot and a 32MOA circle, plus they can be combined to form a circle-dot. Rob takes some shots with each.

What’s the best one to employ as part of your self-defense gear? There’s no set answer: Factors to consider include the size of the target, the distance from the target, and ambient conditions. Rob tells us what he prefers but stresses he’s still gathering information. He encourages PDN members to comment with your experience and preference in the Discussion tab.

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