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GOSAFE Mobile Safe

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   8  mins

Rob Pincus demonstrates the GOSAFE Mobile Safe for Glocks and Glock-sized firearms. The Mobile Safe looks like a Glock magazine, but when locked, it prevents the gun from being fired. Let’s see how it works.


The model of the GOSAFE Mobile Safe that Rob has is set up to hold ten rounds in a Glock 19 or 23 size gun. You can insert it into the Glock’s magwell and it functions like a magazine. It sticks out like an extended magazine, and that extension is actually the lock. The GOSAFE device is intended to be a mobile safe.

When we think about safes, we usually think about access prevention. This is more of a device that prevents unauthorized use than one that prevents someone from taking the gun. The bad guy can take the gun if it’s otherwise unsecured, but he can’t fire it. This type of planning to prevent unauthorized use of our firearms should always be part of our overall self-defense plans.


How does the GOSAFE Mobile Safe prevent the Glock from being fired? When the key is inserted and turned in the GOSAFE, two things happen: The magazine is locked into the gun, and movement of the trigger bar is blocked. You can still touch the trigger, but the gun will not fire.

GOSAFE does not recommend inserting this device into your Glock and carrying it around as a self-defense tool when locked.


Rob describes a few different scenarios that the GOSAFE Mobile Safe is a good candidate for, including staying at a friend’s house where there is no gun safe (switch out your “real” magazine with the GOSAFE), and errand running when you’re going into your child’s school, a bank, or anywhere you can’t bring a gun (leave the gun in your vehicle if you must and, if the worst happens and the gun and/or vehicle is stolen, the gun can’t be fired).

Rob believes the GOSAFE is an innovative device and commends the company for producing a product intended to reduce negative outcomes with guns. Check it out.

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