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Lucid Optics P8 4X Prismatic Combat Optic

Rob Pincus
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With the latest in shooting optics, Rob Pincus introduces the Lucid Optics P8. It’s a 4X magnification optic designed for close-quarters defense and combative use. It can also be used for hunting or as a patrol rifle optic.

Rob’s favorite features of the Lucid Optics P8 4X Prismatic Combat Optic are, first, it has a very generous eye box. The shooter can move their head closer to and farther away from the optic and still have a full or close- to-full view. The field of view on the P8 is 35 feet at 100 yards.


It’s a 16 MOA large circle. For close-in self-defense use, that circle is on the target, on the chest, across the bedroom, around a car, down a hallway – you’ll be good to go. The reticle has a 2 MOA center dot, and offset at the bottom of the ring is a mechanical offset aiming point. Rob explains how this works for extreme close-quarters defense.

The reticle is well marked and well illuminated. It has 12 illumination settings, two of which are for night vision and ten for visible light.


Here’s the other feature Rob is excited about: The reticle is blue. Among makers of shooting optics, Lucid is taking a leadership role on this within the industry. Why blue? Human eyes can pick up blue really well. It’s also a crisp color – some people with astigmatism have noted that red may flare or bounce.

Why wasn’t blue used in the past? Until recently, it was prohibitively expensive. But now Lucid is bringing it to market in a durable form in the P8. Is this the future of shooting optics?


The P8 runs for 25,000 hours on one AAA battery and has a two-hour automatic shutoff. It has ¼ MOA adjustments, with 80 MOA total up and down, left and right.

If you’re looking for an optic for close quarters but with magnification to add to your defensive gear, check out the P8. You’ll also want to try it to see if you think blue is better.

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