Rob Pincus


Rob Pincus
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Duration:   6  mins

For defensive shooting, if you need a high level of precision, you probably need a visual reference to the alignment of the gun. HIVIZ Shooting Systems now offers the FASTDOT Sight Set as a solution that lands between a traditional notch-and-blade sight and installing a red-dot sight on the handgun.

The FASTDOT works simply: Drive the gun out and if you see the red of the front sight, the pistol is not aligned with where you are looking. If you see the green rear sight, you are aligned with your line of sight and good to take the shot. As the FASTDOT name suggests, acquisition of these sights is very quick.

Rob Pincus talks more about how the FASTDOT Sight Set works and takes a few shots.

More from HIVIZ: check out Rob’s review of their LiteWave H3.

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