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HIVIZ LiteWave H3

Rob Pincus
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Rob Pincus is on the range firing a Glock 48 equipped with a HIVIZ Shooting Systems LiteWave H3 Sight Set. Although Rob is not generally a big fan of three-dot sights, the sight picture provided by the LiteWave H3 is one of the best he’s seen. Let’s take a closer look.


One reason this is a great sight picture is the bright white tritium ring around the front sight. Although there are three dots, it’s very easy to get a good, hard focus on the front sight, especially if you want to take it up quickly. Rob is shooting at a chest-sized target at about 25 or 30 yards. He can acquire the front sight quickly, because he can easily see the big, bright white ring around it, and then focus on the sharp edges of the black rear sight and the top edge on the front sight, which is also black.

Rob is shooting during the day in bright sunlight and has no problem seeing these sights.


HiViz is a high-quality sight company most well-known for their fiber-optic sights, but the LiteWave H3 has tritium as well, providing 24-hour illumination. It has a 12-year warranty on the tritium from the date stamped on the side.

The H3 is available for all popular defensive handguns. Rob reiterates that these sights are really easy to catch because they’re highly visible. The white ring makes all the difference around the front sight, and there is plenty of black space around the dots for that good, crisp edge-led sight picture, where you focus at the top corners of the front sight and the rear sight to get a good sight picture after you get your sight alignment.


The H3 is a good choice for a sight system on a defensive handgun, including everyday carry, and Rob feels it would also be useful for target shooting.

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