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On Duty CBD: An Interview with Gregory Keeley

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Duration:   35  mins

PDN has always presented health and fitness information because these topics relate to our defensive lifestyle. Training and on-the-job injuries affect how we can best defend ourselves and those we care about.

In this extended interview, PDN talks with U.S. Navy veteran Gregory Keeley about his On Duty CBD and how it can help people for whom fitness for self-defense is important.

In 2012, when Greg first tried CBD as an alternative to taking prescription medications for his anxiety and sleeplessness after his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he quickly felt relief from his symptoms but disappointed that he couldn’t find CBD made in the United States. His solution: make it himself. He worked with a professor at the University of Kentucky to formulate On Duty CBD.


On Duty CBD is not marijuana, it’s not THC, it’s not a controlled substance, it’s not a narcotic. It will not interfere with your right to keep and bear arms as a private citizen and it won’t affect your job if you are law enforcement or military.

On Duty CBD is inexpensive, over the counter, and entirely legal. It is grown and produced in the United States, unlike some other CBD products that you don’t know where they come from or what has been added to them. On Duty hemp is grown on small farms operated by American veterans in the vicinity of Lexington, Kentucky.


Greg’s driving force behind creating On Duty CBD was to give active-duty military, veterans, and first responders an alternative to taking prescription medications. People taking it have reported relief from anxiety, sleep disorders, PTSD, and physical pain. One line of CBD made by On Duty contains zero THC, so is safe for military and law enforcement to take.


Greg believes On Duty CBD helps the most in alleviating sleeplessness and anxiety. After he had been taking it for awhile, he was much calmer and less jittery, and one result of this is that during handgun training and practice, he began shooting 25-30% better, as he was able to mentally focus and physically control and aim the handgun better.


On Duty also produces topicals such as a roller and a balm to treat inflammation, arthritis, and other physical ailments.

This in-depth chat with Greg covers other important information about On Duty products, including prices, discounts, where to find it, and more about legal issues (which are actually non issues).

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