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  • Viridian Instant-On Green Laser

    In a worst-case scenario defensive shooting situation, you need to know where your gun is oriented as quickly as possible. But you can’t always get into a good, stable shooting position, and a defensive situation won’t always allow you to use your sights. Viridian’s Instant-On Green Laser Technology lets you know exactly where your bullets… Read more »

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  • Viridian Universal Rail Mount

    Lasers are useful accessories for handgun training as well as defensive shooting situations. PDN looks at the rail-mounted laser options from Viridian Green Laser, featuring instant-on technology. The C5 and X5L series are available for most defensive pistols. The X5L fits mid- to full-size rail-equipped defensive pistols. The C5 fits subcompact pistols. The X5 is… Read more »

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  • CUFF Personal Security Device

    The CUFF Personal Security Device lets you know where your loved ones are, lets you contact them in an emergency, and lets you call for help when you need it. How Does It Work? The CUFF PSD is a communication device that communicates with those you put on a trusted contact list and lets them… Read more »

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  • The Myth of Limited Precision from a Snub Nosed Revolver

    The snub-nosed revolver is a very popular defensive gun. The snubbie featured in this video is a 642 Smith & Wesson J-Frame and is one that Rob Pincus actually carries. In fact snubbies are so popular that we have an entire hour-long video download dedicated to developing skills with the snub-nosed revolver for personal defense…. Read more »

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  • Carrying a Concealed Handgun

    When should you tell others you are carrying a concealed handgun? It’s a question that anyone who does carry a concealed firearm should take very seriously before they are suddenly confronted with the question of whether to tell someone or not. PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus has some answers “Are You Carrying a Gun Right… Read more »

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  • Beyond the Gun- Defensive Training Verbal, Physical & Defensive Tools 008702f_kc543u_c

    Preparing for personal defense goes beyond the gun. Although the gun is a great place to start, you need to consider a lot of other things. Kristin Larson, Lead Instructor at Prime Defense, presents some of them. Defensive Firearms Training Training with your firearm is incredibly important. Merely possessing a gun doesn’t make you immune… Read more »

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  • Appendix Carry Position

    A lot of people in our community are looking at switching from a traditional carry — at or behind the hip — to a centerline carry, popularly known as the appendix carry position. For a right-handed person, that puts the grip where the appendix is, while for a left-handed person, the grip is on the… Read more »

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  • Self-Defense Ammo

    PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus and PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham discuss defensive ammunition. Where is self-defense ammo today? Is it at the point where it doesn’t need to get any better? Rob speaks from his perspective of working closely with Winchester Ammunition on promoting their self-defense ammo. Effective Ammo and Efficient Ammo Rob defines effective… Read more »

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