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  • Shotgun vs. Rifle

    On site at the Bristlecone Shooting, Training and Retail Center in Denver, Colorado, Rob Pincus answers a question he’s asked a lot. Shotgun vs. rifle: what’s better for home defense? Semi-Auto Rifle His personal preference is for a medium-caliber semi-automatic rifle. He likes the AR-15 platform and has used it for a long time. He… Read more »

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  • Why People Don’t Carry Guns-010336f_K5D34U_c

    There are a lot of reasons why people don’t carry guns, including legal, moral, and competence-related excuses. Rob Pincus addresses the three most common excuses he hears, all of which can easily be overcome. Already Carrying? Don’t Tune Out! If you do carry a gun, keep watching this video! Listen to these concepts so you… Read more »

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  • Vehicle Hood as a Brace

    Using a vehicle hood as a brace can be a great idea, especially if we are shooting with bystanders present, shooting at an extreme distance, or needing to make a very precise shot. If you find yourself in the middle of a public shooting and you have a rifle in your vehicle, the flat surface… Read more »

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  • Shooting Steel Targets

    Shooting steel targets is a great way to train rapidly without having to worry about the wind or weather affecting paper targets, or worry about replacing targets. Just spray paint the steel target once in awhile to clean it up, and you’ll know where your hits are going. Even if you don’t paint it, the… Read more »

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  • Non-Lethal Self-Defense

    A lot of people who are not actively engaged in the training community tell Rob Pincus that they don’t know if they could kill someone. Obviously it is not necessary to kill someone in order to stop them from hurting you or your family, and it’s certainly not necessary to think you’re going to have… Read more »

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  • Close Combat Training

    PDN Contributor Cecil Burch demonstrates a close combat training technique. There are a lot of options once we have established the body lock and have broken the attacker’s posture. We can put him on the ground and run away. We can put him on the ground and go to the ground with him and strike… Read more »

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  • how to become a shooting instructor

    If you’re wondering how to become a shooting instructor, this video offers guidance. First you have to understand all the core components, all the attributes you need to develop, all the responsibilities you’re going to have. Then what? Being a Student The best way to start out is as a student, taking all the classes… Read more »

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  • Zero Red Dot

    Rob Pincus has an Aimpoint Comp ML3 mounted on his rifle. It has a 2 MOA (minute of angle) red dot, meaning it’s a fairly small dot. It will be capable of a significant amount of precision. Zeroing the Red Dot Where are you going to zero the red dot? The red dot, the line… Read more »

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