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  • Safe Rooms in Houses

    Tim Surprenant, President of Tasco Security, Inc, discusses the features of safe rooms in houses. Alarm systems provide you with response time, notification from when the alarm goes off to the time that law enforcement responds. It’s important for you and your loved ones to be safe from the time you hear the alarm until… Read more »

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  • Shooting Rests

    If you’re out in the field hunting or target shooting, on land that you own or have access to, and are permitted to shoot on both sides of fences, they can be used as improvised shooting rests. Before employing one of these rests, be aware of two things. First, do not put hard on hard,… Read more »

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  • Benchmade SOCP

    The Benchmade SOCP is a defensive dagger-type knife. It can be used in a downward motion if you’re in close quarters. It can also be drawn in a more traditional grip and used as a forward point coming up into a close-quarters attack while in contact, or driving out, or even slashing and cutting. SOCP… Read more »

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  • Distortion of Perception of Time in Self-Defense

    The distortion of the perception of time is an internal reaction that occurs when people have experienced a dynamic critical incident. It is usually referred to as the slowing down of time by people recollecting their memories of a traffic accident, gunfight or other intense situation, sometimes but not always self-defense related. People often recall… Read more »

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  • Reliability and Accuracy with a Mutant MK47 Rifle | PDN

    Rob Pincus is on the range with a CMMG Mutant MK47, a hybrid rifle that’s part AR and part AK, ready to test it for reliability and accuracy. Reliability is first, because as with any firearm, if it’s not reliable, it’s useless. We need to make sure the gun runs, and that’s been an issue… Read more »

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  • Beyond the Gun: Trusting Intuition & Rationalization

    Preparing for self-defense goes beyond the gun. Call it what you want — intuition, instinct, spidey sense, gut reaction, sixth sense — we all have it, and it’s important to pay attention to it. Kristin Larson, Lead Instructor at Prime Defense, discusses intuition as it relates to women. In fact it’s often called women’s intuition…. Read more »

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  • elbow strikes for self defense

    Two great things about elbow strikes for self-defense are that the elbows are readily accessible, and you are not limited to one type of motion with them. You can strike up with the elbow, come around and strike from the side with it, or in some circumstances start up high and strike downward. There’s no… Read more »

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  • High Compressed Ready Position

    Many handgun ready positions exist. Rob Pincus strongly prefers the high compressed ready position. The gun is held in front of the chest above the area the gun moves to when it comes up out of the holster. The gun is also close to the chest, and the shooter’s elbows are at his side so… Read more »

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