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  • Conceal and Carry

    PDN Contributor and Owner of Bearco Training, Barret Kendrick, has been wearing the latest conceal and carry Valkyrie Holster by Castle Bravo Kydex. Valkyrie Holster Features Designed by Steve Rundall, this holster uses a feature that a few other holsters on the market recently have employed: a wing-type feature that puts positive pressure on the… Read more »

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  • Birdshot for Home Defense

    Rob Pincus is on an indoor range at the Bristlecone Shooting, Training and Retail Center to talk about birdshot for home defense. When it comes to home-defense shotguns, one of the most commonly asked questions is, what about birdshot for home defense? There are many purpose-designed rounds to go into a shotgun, especially a 12… Read more »

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  • Stolen Firearm

    What should you do if your gun is stolen? This is a question that responsible firearms owners ask, as well as those who are anti-gun or neutral but curious on the issue of guns. By the very nature of its theft, a stolen firearm is now in the wrong hands — it’s in the hands… Read more »

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  • 011621f_k5e31u_c

    Among the many attractions that draw tens of thousands of NRA members to the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits each year is a long list of distinguished presenters. PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus has been among those to speak, offering attendees useful tips and insightful commentary on a variety of personal defense topics. This clip… Read more »

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  • Protecting Houses of Worship

    A violent attack at a house of worship naturally has a big effect on the community in which it takes place. Why are these attacks occurring? A recent PDN article by Pablo Birriel discusses the reasons and the concept of ministries of defense to protect houses of worship. Attacks on Sacred Spaces Among the theories… Read more »

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  • weaver stance

    For defensive shooting, there’s no question that a good athletic stance, generally squared off to the target, is the better way to go. One of the most important things in defensive shooting is recoil management, so you can fire fast follow-up shots and get the threat stopped quickly. Yet Rob Pincus sees people coming to… Read more »

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  • How to Wear a Holster

    Many people, especially those of smaller build or with a large stomach, are concerned with how to wear a holster centerline or appendix carry and keep it properly concealed without a lot of bulky clothing. PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus is wearing a lightweight athletic-cut shirt and completely concealing a full-size Glock 9mm handgun. How… Read more »

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  • 009448f_k5c84u_c

    Omari Broussard, Chief Operating Officer of I.C.E. Training Company, is at an outdoor range in Phoenix, where it’s over 100 degrees F, talking about comfort in training. Of course this can mean comfort in relation to the weather, or to your gear. It can also mean intellectual comfort. How comfortable are you with the information… Read more »

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