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  • Common Concealment Issues & SoWomen’s Attire 008699f_k5c40u_c

    Concealed carry clothing for women: what are the best choices? Kristin Larson, Lead Instructor at Prime Defense, offers some tips. When carrying a firearm for personal protection, we want to make sure that firearm stays concealed, as part of our self-defense for women strategies. Women carrying concealed may run into some issues that men do… Read more »

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  • pistol reload drill

    On an indoor set resembling the living room of a home, PDN Contributor Claude Werner presents a pistol reload drill using dry fire. In the real world, our initiator for a reload would be a recognition that the pistol is empty, such as feeling it or seeing the slide lock back. We don’t have a… Read more »

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  • self-defense trigger

    In a defensive shooting class, once the students have established the fundamentals of kinesthetic alignment and their intuitive defensive shooting, one of the most important things they have to deal with is the refinement of their self-defense trigger control. Applications of Trigger Control A lot has been written and a lot has been said about… Read more »

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  • Personal Defense

    Rob Pincus is on site in PDN’s simulated realistic environment to talk about a specific personal defense topic: defensive firearms use in public and the distractions you have to deal with in addition to the threat. There is more to think about than a threat trying to hurt you, and you present your firearm, extend,… Read more »

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  • Self-Defense Awareness

    True preparedness for personal defense goes beyond the gun. Kristin Larson, Lead Instructor at Prime Defense, explains why. Self-defense awareness is an essential piece of being prepared. Be aware of what’s going on around you. Put your phone away and look around to see if anyone or anything looks out of place. The sooner you… Read more »

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  • 005231f_k5341u_c

    Ken Murray, author of Training at the Speed of Life, discusses scenario training. A scenario is designed to end a certain way, but in the real world, critical incidents can go many different ways. How do we deal with the conclusion of a training scenario? Three Possible Conclusions Ken Murray believes there are only three… Read more »

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  • Ulticlip

    The Ulticlip is a new product designed to enhance the retention of your concealment holster for your defensive firearm. Retention is incredibly important in regard to keeping the holster in the same place as often as possible so that when you need your gun, you know exactly where it is. Accidentally Drawing the Holster One… Read more »

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  • Rifle

    What’s the best way to obtain a solid shooting platform for precision shooting with a rifle? Instructor Joe Scott is on the range with a rifle equipped with a Harris bipod. The legs are adjustable and lockable. He finds a bipod useful for inspection of the rifle and cleaning of the rifle. Bipods are solid… Read more »

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