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  • High Compressed Ready Position

    Many handgun ready positions exist. Rob Pincus strongly prefers the high compressed ready position. The gun is held in front of the chest above the area the gun moves to when it comes up out of the holster. The gun is also close to the chest, and the shooter’s elbows are at his side so… Read more »

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  • Preparing Multiple Emergency Medical Kits | PDN

    When dealing with the variety of medical problems you may encounter in your daily life, the best solution is to prepare multiple emergency medical kits. Rob Pincus has several kits with different contents for everyday carry on the body, storage in a vehicle, and keeping at home. He demonstrates what goes in three of his… Read more »

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  • Beyond the Gun: The Will to Survive | PDN

    Preparing for personal defense includes much more than just carrying a gun. Kristin Larson, Lead Instructor at Prime Defense, explains why one of the most essential things to do is develop the will to survive. Whether you have extensive training or no training at all, and whether you have a firearm, a knife, and pepper… Read more »

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  • Storing a Tactical Vest with Your Rifle | PDN

    When you store a rifle (or any other firearm), you may or may not store your ammunition with it. One of the most convenient options for keeping ammo close to your rifle is a tactical vest.   Versatile Vests PDN Managing Editor Rob Pincus demonstrates a vest that has been pre-loaded with rifle magazines. Due… Read more »

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  • Self-Defense Pressure Points

    During self-defense preparation, we want to integrate concepts that apply to both armed and unarmed situations. What techniques should we spend time training to deal with the human weapon system? PDN Managing Editor Rob Pincus sits down with Dr. Robert Smith of the Direct Action Medical Network, who discusses the concept of self-defense pressure points…. Read more »

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  • hip escape

    One of the basic concepts of unarmed self-defense is creating distance between you and your attacker. This can be done vertically or horizontally. In this video, PDN Contributor Cecil Burch demonstrates a horizontal displacement move called the hip escape. It comes from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is also known as shrimping. It can be used if… Read more »

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  • Prepping the Gun Trigger

    Staging or prepping the trigger — taking up the slack on a modern striker-fired pistol — is advocated by some as it helps the shooter make a shot that needs a high level of precision. But Rob Pincus encourages defensive shooting students not to prep the trigger, because it is a technique designed for marksmanship… Read more »

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  • 2015 PDN Training Tour Update #9

    In this final 2015 Training Tour Update, Rob checks in from 12,000 feet above sea level in Colorado to talk about how the Training Tour sponsors help the mission of creating training opportunities. Training Tour instructors Omari Broussard, Deryck Poole and Barret Kendrick also share some training tips from their experiences teaching on this year’s… Read more »

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