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What happens if you have to get out of the vehicle?

Transition and Vulnerability

Applied to personal protection, transitions are points between actions, spaces, pauses, holes, where a thought process overrides action. Should I move left or right?...
caliber comparison

When Does a .380 Beat a 9mm?

Have you ever heard the phrase “Friends don’t let friends carry mouseguns”? The implication is that calibers below a certain threshold, arbitrary though it...
Empty Chamber Carry

Best of PDN 2013: Articles and Videos

This “Best of 2013” collection of videos and articles represents some of the most important information that PDN put out this year, as determined...

Raising Children in a World of Guns

As parents and gun owners, it is our responsibility to properly educate those around us on firearm safety, just as we educate our children...
Safe, reliable pistols without manual safeties abound. One less thing to go wrong! Photo: author

Controlling the Variables

Consider the broad aspects of self-defense. Anything that we do, any proactive measure that we undertake to protect ourselves or our family, could rightly...
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