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Why Should You Attend the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits?

NRA 2015 Annual Meeting Coverage

The Personal Defense Network team was at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, April 10-12. Several of our PDN contributors stopped to chat with exhibitors — who also happen to be some of PDN’s good friends and sponsors — on the NRA Show floor to discuss products and accessories on the personal defense… Read more »


Glock Model 42 in Perspective

Like the majority of those reading this, I did not have the opportunity to attend the SHOT (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade) Show this year. And although not among the throngs of vendors, industry insiders, media types and hangers-on who descended on the Las Vegas Strip like some sort of Old Testament plague, I was… Read more »


The Best Self Defense Handgun for Concealed Carry?

Over the past couple of months, the internet has been flooded with chatter about two new guns in particular: the Remington R51 and the Glock 42. The first was celebrated at its release but has met with terrible reviews of the production models in the hands of its intended audience. The second was originally met… Read more »

dao striker fired

Advantages of Striker-Fired Pistols

Being a defensive firearms instructor who sees many students at their first formal training means I see many students who have made the mistake of purchasing a “defensive handgun” prior to having the knowledge needed to make an educated buying decision. Many of these students have chosen what a friend or the guy at the… Read more »

This is an image of a CV Harley safe

Easy Rider: Handgun Carry While Riding a Motorcycle

Motorcycle riding continues to increase in popularity. For some it’s because of increased gas prices. For others it’s a sense of freedom, a way to temporarily unplug from the world. And for others it’s something they grew up doing and it’s become a way of life. The reasons why we ride are as varied as… Read more »

Reloading a Revolver

Reloading a Revolver

Although I still teach a lot of classes at Black Wing Shooting Center in Delaware, Ohio, my role has evolved to include planning and administration of our training programs, as well as executing those plans. Consequently, I have become more interested in things such as instructor development and the standardization of procedures and techniques. Among… Read more »

shooting through a windshield

Shooting from Vehicles: Basic Techniques

I would like to cover some basic techniques for shooting from vehicles. The topic could fill much more space than I have here, so I intend to hit the highlights. We will leave for another day the topic of shooting from moving vehicles and concentrate only on stationary vehicles. There are several things you should… Read more »

group of students being trained

A Defensive Handgun, Two Magazines, and $1000

What’s next? Many people who buy a handgun fall into one or more categories: recreation, competition, or self-defense. Normally I find those who buy a gun for recreation or competition understand the budget required to manage their new hobby. But people who buy a handgun for self-defense often aren’t knowledgeable about the associated expenses of… Read more »