Home Defense

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The ‘Best’ Home-Defense Gun

When I teach home-defense courses, I’m always asked, “What is the best gun for home defense?” And I always answer with a definitive “That all depends.” This vagueness belies the truism that there really is no perfect home-defense gun. While there are three firearm platforms that most would argue are “standard” home-defense firearms — the… Read more »

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Five Fundamentals of Home Defense

As a law enforcement officer, I have a front-row seat for watching crime trends grow or decline. I use that experience to my advantage as a firearms trainer for both law enforcement and the private citizen. An area of increasing concern is the occupied home invasion, which can be defined as an incident where the… Read more »

Make sure landscaping is trimmed, denying potential intruders any concealment.

Safe At Home

When most people think about personal protection, they mainly think about how to stay safe outside their homes. While the vast majority of crime against citizens occurs outside the home, home invasion robberies and worse DO occur. Crime statistics are difficult to track down specific to “home invasion,” but “property-related crimes” (robbery or burglary) have… Read more »