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Easy Rider Handgun Carry While Riding a Motorcycle

Easy Rider: Handgun Carry While Riding a Motorcycle

Motorcycle riding continues to increase in popularity. For some it’s because of increased gas prices. For others it’s a sense...  Revolver Reload 2: Step 2

Reloading a Revolver

Although I still teach a lot of classes at Black Wing Shooting Center in Delaware, Ohio, my role has evolved...  vehicle-shooting

Shooting from Vehicles: Basic Techniques

I would like to cover some basic techniques for shooting from vehicles. The topic could fill much more space than...  sig-sauer-p938

Double Test Drive: Taking a Lap With Two New Nines

Not long ago, an article I wrote entitled Test Drive was featured here on PDN. The idea behind it was...  training-300

A Handgun, Two Magazines, and $1000

What’s next? Many people who buy a handgun fall into one or more categories: recreation, competition, or self-defense. Normally I...  glock-26l

New Carry Gun Testing Procedure

Have you ever bought a gun and immediately loaded it, put it in a holster and then relied on it...  defensive-shotgun-course-copy

The Defensive Shotgun Part II: Training

As a trainer, I have conducted a good number of home-defense shotgun courses over the years. Having seen a lot...  apd-2-wpn-lcp


Small autoloading pistols, whether referred to as pocket pistols, hideout guns, backup guns, or mouse guns, get no respect. Frequently...  benelli-nova

The Defensive Shotgun Part I: Accessories

Consider the shotgun: traditional provider of meat for the pot, defender of hearth and home, and long regarded as the...  benelli-m-4-in-action

Fighting with a Shotgun

Shotguns are incredibly versatile weapons that can be used very successfully as self-defense tools. I am often asked about using... 

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