The first step to knife defense is being able to grip your knife properly, and there are three basic requirements for using a combative knife. You must be able to hang onto the knife throughout the entire fight. You have to be effective with the knife, and must be able to support the impact force from the shock of the knife. Michael Janich teaches you a standard grip that he likes to use called the “Filipino” grip, which establishes a firm, controlled hold of the knife. This will allow you to be powerful and effective with your blade.

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Instructors: Rob Pincus.

2 Responses to “Part 1: Knife Grip”

  1. c says:

    Where can you buy the training knife for the crucible? Can’t find it on the web anywhere. Are we outdated?

  2. Bill says:

    I watched the video`s, good job. But (for me) my skinner carried in a horizontal sheath work`s better than any thing. Better yet, try not to be in that situation. I speak from experience.

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