Rob Pincus is on the range with a double-action/single-action semiautomatic defensive handgun to explain exactly how it works and review its characteristics. You can then decide if this type of handgun might be a good choice for you. This modern handgun is known for its accuracy, reliability, and ability to perform in a variety of adverse conditions. Extreme close-ups let you examine the gun’s functioning in detail.

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Instructors: Rob Pincus.

12 Responses to “Understanding Double/Single Action Hand Guns”

  1. Basil says:

    I love your videos.

  2. Chris Gibson says:

    Thank you for this video; this was very helpful. Seeing the DA/SA pistol in use was a great help in really understanding the operation (I have not had a chance to put hands on one of these style weapons yet).

  3. lovechildnj says:

    The closest I have ever been to a gun is in this video, I’ll watch about 100xs

    Double vs single, If I understand correctly we want one, that we control the safety?

    Great stuff to know, wow great clear videos, I feel like I am really there wow

  4. Richard Hughes says:

    Thank you Ron,I always love watching your videos

  5. ruben carr says:

    good stuff ron love the training videos

  6. Jan Lechner says:

    WhatGun Were You Using In This Double Action Single Action Video ?

  7. grannyQ says:

    Thank you for this informative video! As an owner of this type of handgun, I have a better understanding of its operation than I did before. Nice job, Rob Pincus!

  8. What do you think about the locked and loaded carry with a fn like you were using? Have the 45 fnp and carry locked and loaded at present and am looking for your feedback. Thanks, ps, hoping to attend your sears, Iowa class on June 9-10

  9. George says:

    Very good demonstration and discussion on DA/SA and the operation of the more modern semi-automatic pistols. I do not have one with the decocking mechanism but when I do consider a semi-auto model I will consider the advice given in the video. Thank you.

  10. Bobcat says:

    Great video, can you do one on the hammerless style DA and DA/SA types. My firearms are a combination of both.

  11. Gerald Herr says:

    Very helpful…too bad you did not mention the Brand and Model of the gun..Thanks,

  12. Ramon says:

    Great video Rob. I love the way you break down the DA/SA technique. My agency has been issuing different types of DA/SA pistols for about 20 years now. I have observed shooters using the DA/SA pistol failing to decock and reholster under stressful conditions. Training cannot be over emphasized. Know your weapon!

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