Announcing PDN Training Talk with Grant Cunningham

Personal Defense Training

Starting in March, Personal Defense Network will bring you a great new way to keep up on the latest news and information about the world of self-defense.

PDN’s Training Talk is a new, live webcast from Personal Defense Network. Hosted by Grant Cunningham, renowned author, teacher and consultant in the fields of personal safety and defensive shooting, Training Talk will focus on self-defense, personal preparedness, everyday carry, home defense, emergency response, and all of other topics related to keeping you and your family safe from harm.

In addition, Training Talk will keep you up to date on what’s happening at PDN: new articles you should read, new videos with compelling content, and special features that Premium Members can read and watch. All that, plus a surprise now and again just to keep things interesting!

What you won’t find are political discussions, conspiracy theories, or extremist social commentary. Training Talk is just what its name says: talk about training and preparing for worst case scenarios, because everyone has a right to self-defense — and it’s a big topic!

Join Grant on the first and third Thursdays of every month, starting at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern, for a new look at the best personal defense information from the best source on the ‘net — Personal Defense Network!

Remember to log on Thursday, March 3 at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern to catch the first episode:

PDN Training Talk: March 2016

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12 Responses to “Announcing PDN Training Talk with Grant Cunningham”

  1. Marvin Lloyd Maddess

    Someone comes up behind me. My vision is not looking behind me. How do I do my personal defence? Marvin L. Maddess, Esquire

  2. Guntotingranny - Florida

    Looking forward to this series, hoping I can make all of them. Will there be any replay’s available?

  3. Joe Western

    Great job! I bought Mr. Cunningham’s book ” Handgun Training” Awesome!

  4. Bruce

    Can’t wait. Grant is loaded with knowledge and is an excellent presenter. This should be very entertaining as well as educational.

  5. randy adams

    Hello Grant, I’ve read a book of yours about revolvers and follow you on PDN etc., thanks for all the advice. My question concerns cleaning the forcing cone and cylinder of my 36 and 637. Do you have a favorite cleaning solution that will work on all finishes?

    • Iriya.lee

      Thanks for your question!In order to be safe for all finishes and materials, you’ll be looking for a cleaner which contains no acetone, ammonia, or amyl acetate — materials which are common in older bore cleaners and give many of them their characteristic odors. (Some people actually like the smells of their favorite cleaners; a single whiff of one particular brand takes me back to my youth and cleaning my .22 rifle!) Luckily there are a lot of newer products on the market which work even better than the old favorites, are safe for various finishes, and are often odorless and non-toxic as well.

      One of my favorites is M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner, which has been around long enough to prove its effectiveness and safety. It is quite good at removing fouling and residue, but also any grease or oil. You will need to re-lube any parts that you clean, using your favorite oil or grease as appropriate. That’s a good policy no matter what cleaner you use, BTW.

      Hope this helps!

  6. philh

    I would like your comments about the C.A.R. shooting system/posture. The good vs. bad, when to use vs. not use, etc. It appears to be a really good technique.

    • Iriya.lee

      As a “system” or fundamental approach to defensive shooting, I don’t feel it is a sound approach to consistently align the gun, manage recoil or maintain the reliability of the gun (by providing a stable platform). There may be some isolated extreme close quarters applications. Furthermore, I have never had one of their instructors be able to explain a sound rationale for the approach…. Which hasn’t encouraged me to reconsider my position.