AR Pistols with Braces: Gimmick or Game Changer?

I built my first of my AR Pistols about 20 years ago. I think that I’ve always wanted them to be a good idea, but between reliability issues and legal gray areas, they haven’t been a viable option to recommend to the average person for home defense use. Recently, the BATFE re-re-established their position on both the use and installation of Stabilizing Braces on AR Pistols and the shouldering of them like one would shoot a traditional AR Rifle. In this video, I offer a thorough overview of my thoughts on the topic of AR Pistols in general and the potential ramifications of the BATFE’s latest letter re-clarifying their position.

Steve Aryan demonstrating how one might shoulder fire an AR Pistol with a stabilizing brace during a defensive shooting situation.

Watch the entire Video HERE.

Let me know what you think in the comments! -RJP
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3 Responses to “AR Pistols with Braces: Gimmick or Game Changer?”

  1. Corey

    Thanks for the video, a lot of great information. I was a couple days away from buying the CMMG MK9 PSB, but the laws are still to fuzzy for my liking. Think I’ll just end up with there MK9 T…..
    BTW……did you get that smoke alarm battery changed? LOL

  2. Grover Charles Bradley III
    Grover Charles Bradley III

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    • cst

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