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Competition Shooting: Potential Pitfalls for the Casual Competitor

I like to participate in shooting competitions, as do many hobbyists who primarily own and carry guns for personal defense. As I’ve written before, I believe that competitions are great ways to meet other shooters and have a good time shooting your gun. They also help you fine-tune your skills and practice different shooting positions…

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Poker Defense

A poker game is a good metaphor for personal defense. Some of the same basic elements are in play, from the cards you are dealt to the bets you must make. Sometimes your strategy works out and you walk away with a big stack of chips, and sometimes you fail miserably despite your best efforts.

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All Hat, No Cattle: What is Your Defensive State of Mind?

Similarly, if you consider yourself an “armed citizen” and are proud of your 2nd Amendment rights, you need to ask yourself the question: “Am I all hat?” Do you just have a gun or do you also have a defensive stare of mind? Becoming a true armed citizen is going to mean spending some more time and money on classes and the range, and less time at the gun show.

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Gun Free Zone Woes

I know several people in the gun culture who plan their entire lives around where they can or cannot carry their defensive firearms. For instance, if they find out that a favorite restaurant legally posts the state-mandated signs to prevent concealed carry, they ignore how much they love those delicious tacos and go somewhere else.…

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Beyond the Mandatory: Becoming a True Defensive Shooting Instructor

It’s easy to become state certified and meet mandatory training requirements to become a defensive shooting instructor, but it requires extra dedication and effort to become a true defensive shooting instructor. Here are some tips for giving your students high-quality training. I have been teaching the Texas Concealed Handgun License curriculum for a little over…

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