Block 3: Unorthodox Shooting Positions & Diagnosing Deviation Issues

Breaking the mold of traditional range practice, Block Three addresses the chaotic and unpredictable realities that occur in most defensive shooting situations as students practice their shooting skills in a variety of unconventional stances, distances and positions. Students experience the challenge of controlling deviation at extended distances and in one-handed shooting situations, further demonstrating the importance of the fundamental aspects of defensive shooting skill development covered in Block One. Rob Pincus examines each student’s shooting performance under a variety of conditions and provides diagnostic feedback that helps students make corrections in their shooting technique. Additionally, students are put through a Flow Drill which combines dynamic movement with unpredictable shooting commands, often forcing students to shoot from unorthodox positions. Block Three concludes with a Class Debrief question and answer session and final thoughts.

Supplemental Materials:

Join us for a PDN PLATINUM LIVE event with Rob Pincus, who will discuss the most recent Block and answer any questions you may have.

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  1. John

    I am a Platinum member, and logged in, yet still cannot see any of these blocks of training. Why?

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  2. John Shriver

    Enjoyed the training on unorthodox positions. Specifically liked the explanation on body position when shooting one handed. I hadn’t heard it explained that way before. The explanation on deviation analysis at different distances and gun hand grip was very informative. The shooting while changing from standing to kneeling to sitting was great but I will modify due to knee replacement and strength issues but great info.