Defense Against an Impact Weapon

This class is about one thing and one thing only: The preservation of life.

Founder and Chief Instructor of Integrative Defense Strategies, Todd Fossey, shares his years of experience and expertise to introduce you to “Defensive Skills to Counter an Impact Weapon” in a wide variety of looks, angles, energies, and distances.

This important skill set will help you defend and dominate against one of the most common types of aggravated assault and homicide in the USA.

Oftentimes, impact weapons are also common household tools which make them easily accessible, require very little skill and offer criminals a plausible deniability for their possession.

In this class, you’ll cultivate competence in defending these common and dangerous assaults as an essential part of your personal defense. Your ongoing training and practice will enable these skills to become an unconscious reflex, which is very important when you understand just how quickly these types of attacks can occur.

You’ll learn how to manage distance, get to a dominant position, employ effective counter attacks, dumps, trips and sweeps, defend within legalities, know when and how to escape and/or transition to higher force.

In addition to detailed video instruction and demonstrations, you’ll be able to download and print a “Class Guide” PDF, to help reinforce and train with the information presented in the class video.


Class Guide PDF
Download and print this detailed supplement as a reminder of the key aspects of defending against an impact weapon.

Class Supplement PDF
This 1-page reference sheet summarizes the general legalities of applying force in self-defense.

Video: Meet Your Instructor
Download this short video to meet your class instructor, Todd Fossey.

Session 1: Class Introduction

This class addresses one of the most common and dangerous attacks in the U.S.A. Your Instructor Todd Fossey will share his years of experience and expertise to introduce Defensive Skills to Counter an Impact Weapon in a wide variety of looks, angles, energies and distances.

Session 2: Defending an Impact Weapon Attack

In this extensive Session, Fossey breaks down the key principles in developing skills in defending against a variety of impact weapons. You’ll see how to defend against a “stick” from both a 45-degree angle and a low-angle swing, a two-handed baseball bat style swing, and even a hammer attack – which is the most common of all impact weapon attacks. Understanding the nuances to deal with different angles and weapons is paramount. This Session provides effective answers to those distinctions.

Session 3: Dumps, Trips and Sweeps

Once you’ve established the fundamentals of managing distance, counter attacking and getting to a dominant position, you’ll take a look at putting your attacker on the ground in a variety of ways – all of which allow you to remain standing through a variety dumps, trips and sweeps. Fossey illustrates a default position that offers a wide array of options in safely taking your attacker to the ground.

Session 4: Defense Against a Charging Attacker

While a Samurai Sword style impact weapon attack is rare, it’s important to know how to defend against it. This defense may not come against a sword but any impact weapon being swung straight down from over the attacker’s head. This session shows you simple and effective ways of dealing with this less common but dangerous type of attack.

Session 5: Armed Defense Against a Charging Attacker

Possessing the skill to competently transition to your handgun during an impact weapon attack can mean the difference between life and death. But it may not be as obvious as you think. In this Session, Fossey breaks down essential observations and skills for armed defenders.

Session 6: Armed Considerations When Breaking Range

There may be things that you haven’t considered when “breaking range” – another term for creating distance. In this Session, Fossey teaches you how to fill your handgun training with sound decision making.

Session 7: Armed Defense Against an Impact Weapon

Like most everything when it comes to personal protection, it’s going to be up to you to decide if an armed option is best for you when it matters most. Make sure you’re legally justified to employ this technique. Watch Fossey break it down.

Session 8: Class Summary

To complete the Class, Fossey provides a valuable recap of the core concepts, principles and techniques to this comprehensive approach to defending one of the most common and dangerous types of assaults in the world.

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