PDN Training Talk: October 19, 2017

Training Talk with Grant Cunningham is the show to watch to get reliable and responsible self defense information!

Training Talk is the webcast that talks about you: about your life and how to protect it. Grant and his guests cover defensive shooting, unarmed self defense, home defense, situational awareness, training tips, and much more.

No politics, no conspiracy theories, just authoritative information you can use — right now — to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. If you’ve been looking for rational and reasoned commentary about all aspects of self defense and personal safety, Training Talk is the show for you!

Join Grant at 6:pm Pacific/9:pm Eastern for the LIVE broadcast of Training Talk! Of course, if you miss the live show you can always watch the replay right here!

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One Response to “PDN Training Talk: October 19, 2017”

  1. Klint Macro

    Grant, I wanted to expand on a thought…. Thinking back on conversations with “newbies” about setting the alarm system while home…. Many folks look at the alarm system as a way to “protect” their home while they are away. “They” will protect the home when occupying it (at least this is their initial feeling). Of course, when people learn the difference between protection of self vs property (Morally and Legally Speaking) they soon realize that the alarm is better served as a tool that MAY deter a criminal or perhaps alert them as to the presence of an intruder so that they have a few extra seconds to enact their personal protection plan. It is certainly a GREAT idea to set the alarm when the family is inside… especially while they are sleeping.