Sheriff tells his residents – “Lock and load, get a barking biting dog”

“I will have to move my only other deputy to day shift and that will leave no protection on nights. I’m sure the thieves and drug dealers will have a ball” – John Kirk, Sheriff

Budgets and spending are in the news these days, and in one case, the lack of funding has left a community with their sheriff telling people that when it comes to personal protection, don’t call the cops.

The sheriff in Martin County, Kentucky made the announcement after the HILL found that the department is owed $75,000 from last month.

From Facebook, where he posted the announcement: “The last Fiscal court promised 75 thousand dollars to the Sheriffs office that was supposed to be given last month and we didn’t receive one penny. We begin the new year with no money and rely on the fiscal court to help us. The current court says they are broke and even in debt very badly and can’t give us money. I have always tried to manage your tax dollars wisely. But if you don’t have any money you can’t manage it.”

He continued: “I have been your Sheriff for over four years now. It has been a struggle to try to keep 24 hour protection for you and your family….I have had to operate the last little bit with just myself and one other paid deputy.”

“I’m very sorry to tell you this but I want the fine folks of this county to know the truth. WE ARE BROKE.”

Lastly, he made an outright warning to residents in his jurisdiction – “FOLKS, LOCK YOUR DOORS, LOAD YOUR GUNS AND GET YOU A BARKING, BITING DOG. If the Sheriffs office can’t protect you, WHO WILL ? Folks, Come to the court meetings so that you know what is going on. Special court meeting tomorrow I believe around 1pm. Call the office to be sure.”

Bad Guys love no cop zones!

This opens up many questions for the authorities to address in terms of obtaining the funding they need, but the message here is simple – it’s up to YOU to be your protector and defender of your family and your property! What say you, what would you foo if you got this dire warning from your local police department?! Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page today and let us know.

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One Response to “Sheriff tells his residents – “Lock and load, get a barking biting dog””
  1. Dana

    I’m already armed,and Lord help the person who intrudes in my house,it will be his last day.