They Are Not You: Depravity Beyond Belief

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Depravity: a condition that moves beyond bad conduct, beyond gratuitous infliction of pain and suffering upon others, beyond even cruelty. Depravity extends into a realm of the complete lack of moral compunction and a finding of joy in the devaluing and destruction of human life. As an artifact of human behavior, it bears some scrutiny for the fact that normal, ordinary, rational people are quite rightly loath to look into its abyss, leaving lessons unlearned.

In today’s case example, a rural Louisiana family subjected an intellectually disabled family member to their unbridled collective depravity over a sustained time period, resulting in recent federal charges. The breadth of the criminal conduct in this case spans an astonishing array of offenses, including kidnapping, sex trafficking, false imprisonment, assault, battery, torture, extortion, benefit fraud, theft, and indecent assault, but the charges themselves do not convey the full horror of what acts were perpetrated. The joyful inventiveness, intimacy, and sheer viciousness of the abuses inflicted upon their own kin show in this family the very worst human capacities.

Moreover, the clear abandonment of any accepted code of human conduct by a group of offenders acting in concert against their own is doubly shocking. It is easy to identify the misappropriation and theft of the victim’s benefits as the motives in this case, but perhaps too easy, as the onset of the brutality coinciding exactly with the unfortunate demise of the victim’s mother would seem to reference some pent-up aggression finally free to be expressed. Was the female ringleader resentful of the victim’s place in her mother’s affections? We may never know, but it is clear that she marshaled and sustained a horrifying and gratuitous regime of torture for some reason significant to her alone. Please note the enthusiastic participation of the additional relatives and cast a thought to the power of group behavior over individual morality and bonds of relatedness.

The messages for aware practitioners of self-protection are that there is no reliable and intrinsic brake on the behavior of Violent Criminal Actors, and that to rely on one, in the absence of any other strategy, is to choose victimization beyond our imagining.

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10 Responses to “They Are Not You: Depravity Beyond Belief”

  1. Heidi L Owen

    You know,..that was a whole lot of words to say nothing, wanna try again, no idea what you are talking about.

  2. J Gibbons

    What this family did to one of their own is both heart-breaking and horrifying. There are truly evil people out there. Those who would not be victims need to be vigilant and ready to react with the kind of ruthlessness Col. Cooper described. Fight for life. Sometimes there is no second place. There is no alternative to winning.

  3. Kelly Pakes

    These monsters were arrested over 2 years ago. Why are the just being charged now?

  4. CC

    These people are NARCISSISTS PERIOD!! If you want to know all about them, their psychoses, their evil, their tactics, why they do these things, and how you can fight back, (that is if you aren’t in handcuffs with duct tape on your mouth, tied to a chair in a dark room already, which usually isn’t the case with most of these people, because they want everything to APPEAR as “normal” as possible – it’s for their “cover”), go to, type in H G Tudor, and read as many of his books as you can on Narcissism. HE IS A NARCISSIST, and believe me, to hear this stuff from the perspective of an ACTUAL BONE FIDE NARC, is MUCH, MUCH more helpful when dealing with these people than listening to the perspectives of the victims, because the victims cannot get into the heads of the narcs. If they could have at the beginning of the relationship, and had been able to truly “see” what they were looking at, they would have never stayed in the relationship or they would have seen all the RED FLAGS first, and never allowed themselves to even GET INTO such a relationship in the first place. I believe that these people are demon possessed CON ARTISTS. But if you truly want to understand narcissism, read HG’s books, and YOU WILL – and ESPECIALLY if you happen to have the HUGE MISFORTUNE of having one of these psychopaths in your life. I know of what I speak, believe me, and this is why I have studied this subject as much as I possibly can. KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of these people is a NECESSITY if you ever want to be free of them. Just my opinion, but I speak from experience. They actually SEEK OUT their victims like prey. They look for nice, kind, hard working, dependable, and above all EMPATHETIC people to choose for their victims, and they use their EMPATHETIC quality against them to make the most of their sadistic abuse of them. If you are the victim of a narc, PLEASE, for your own sanity, read HG Tudor’s books. I have nothing to do with him, I do not know him, I am not paid to say this – I only know that what he says describes the narcs I have known in my life PERFECTLY, and one of the differences between HG and other authors is he knows what drives narcs crazy, he knows what works to get them to quit doing what they do to you – if you can do it, and it’s actually pretty mind blowing that he tells you all of their tactics in detail. He was asked why he gives this information out so willingly. He said, “Because there will always be people who have not read my books, people who will forget or not understand what they say, and there will always be more victims out there who are totally unsuspecting – I don’t have to worry about a shortage of new victims.” I am paraphrasing for him, but that is basically what he said. Good luck.

  5. Bob Peterson

    Having been a Probation Officer in former life I can attest to the fact that there are individuals walking around that look human, they speak like a human, but they have no soul, no boundaries of behavior, and no conscious. There are two problems: 1) Because they look and act human we make assumptions about their humanity at our peril. 2) The gene pool seems to be expanding and the number of these individuals seem to be increasing.

  6. Dan Oster

    More evidence to the wisdom of my college history professor who, while addressing the subject of evil, stated: “There is more to being human than simply posessing the form of one.”

    • Gideon

      We are valuable because we were created in GOD’s image. There are standards that define good and evil because GOD set those standards. Read the Bible it is GOD’s way of communicating what is good and shows the way to live it and be transformed by GOD’s truth.