Two Person Armed Defense

This PDN PLATINUM LIVE Course takes you inside a live-fire training session led by PDN’s Rob Pincus. You’ll feel as though you’re on the range as Rob shows two experienced armed individuals how to work together to defend themselves and others during an armed confrontation. The number of concealed carry permit holders in the United States is at historic levels and the likelihood of encountering an armed ‘good guy’ during a spree shooting or similar confrontation is greater today than ever before. By practicing and applying the lessons and techniques shown in this very special PDN distance education presentation you’ll learn to avoid potentially lethal mistakes and make you and those around you safer. In addition, you’ll receive course-specific printable training materials, plus get exclusive access to interactive follow-up instruction via a PDN PLATINUM LIVE event, and the opportunity to submit video of your own range sessions for professional assessment and feedback.


PDN PLATINUM LIVE Courses provide exclusive access to observe instructor-led training, covering a unique mix of live fire drills, demonstrations, and expert commentary on a variety of reality-based defensive shooting skill development topics, all designed to help you train more, and train better. Along with the video presentation, you’ll receive printed materials to guide your own training sessions. You’re invited to submit questions, photos and video from your practice sessions for review and commentary by the course instructor. See course outline for instructions on submitting photos and videos. In addition, you have the opportunity to interact with the course instructor during an exclusive PLATINUM LIVE event, an online broadcast following the course. Watch your email for more information. Let PDN PLATINUM LIVE Courses help you Train To Be Safe!

Class Format

PLATINUM members are invited to watch each Block of instruction and study the accompanying materials. Following the course, a special live stream meet-up will be hosted by Rob Pincus, exclusively for this course and exclusively for PLATINUM members. During the LIVE broadcast, Rob will review key topics of the course and react to questions from the viewing audience in real time. Questions, comments and member input is highly encouraged. Keep an eye on your email for announcements about the LIVE event. The event is recorded and archived so you can watch it later. You can even post questions online, outside of the LIVE event.

PDN PLATINUM LIVE Courses give PLATINUM members the chance to observe professionally-led defensive shooting instruction, with spontaneous instructor input, combined with the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with other PDN PLATINUM members while practicing being your defensive best!

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11 Responses to “Two Person Armed Defense”

  1. Mike Hebert

    Checking with support Can you confirm I already have a platinum membership. Thanks

    • Customer Service

      Hi Mike!

      You are currently a GOLD member, the highest level of PDN membership. Please feel welcome to log in with your email address and password. Thanks!

  2. steen379

    I am currently working through these, however, in block 2, the sound wouldn’t work on the video clip that is inserted into the overall video. The sound works fine otherwise. Thank You for putting this material out.