Lower Your Center of Gravity in Response to Threats

It is important to integrate a lowered center of gravity into your training regimen as it is one of the most common reactions to being scared and/or startled. The reason for this survival reaction is that it prepares us to move. In fact, if we try to integrate lateral movement into our presentation quickly when we are training, but do not integrate lowering our center of gravity first, we will find that we cannot move as far or as fast. In fact, we cannot move effectively at all if we do not lower our center of gravity first.

When training be sure to lower your center of gravity before you initiate your draw stroke (or any other learned motion) so that you are congruent with actions in a real event. During a dynamic critical incident your body will lower its center of gravity instinctively, before or as you process the stimuli that will initiate any learned response.

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11 Responses to “Lower Your Center of Gravity in Response to Threats”

  1. Jan

    After seeing Hollywood’s version of stand and shoot, its refreshing to see the better form and more effectiveness way to stand, shoot and move if needed.

  2. Art

    THE VIDEO MUST BE SHORT AND SWEET BECAUSE I DID NOT HAVE ONE TO WATCH. i did the reading though. this will be hard for me to over come in all my street fights i get prepared and wait for the first punch. block and counter until the threat was no longer. a gun fight, hope i am never in one, will be a totally new experience. i think moving on the draw is the most important point i have gotten. the old movie zig zag with out or with back or forward movement. thanks again.

  3. Joseph

    Yes, good video. Thanks for covering things I never thought were important till now.