PDN LIVE! May 2017

Rob Pincus was joined by Marty Hayes, Andrew Branca and Adam Kraut to answer questions and discuss legal issues related to self-defense and carrying firearms legally. They discussed dealing with law enforcement while armed and after a defensive gun use, whether or not you need to have a lawyer “on retainer”, the choice to carry a gun when it’s not legal and even gave some thoughts on the various legal assistance/insurance programs that are available to those who carry defensive firearms. This is an information packed must watch video for anyone concerned with the legal ramifications of armed defense.

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  1. Jenni

    * not all the states that I travel to/through aren’t anti-gun, the ones that aren’t, the area’s I travel to are very rough

  2. Jenni

    Being a female, traveling to & through different states that have strict no handgun laws, I have been leaving my handgun at home, am I doing the right thing?

  3. Ralph

    Why do rights have to suffer because of over active lawyers? What happened to common sense? Lawyers have done more to screw up America than any politician.Why?

  4. Pierre

    How do I find out what the definition of “legal resident” is for a particular state with respect to CCW permits. I have a residence, bankning, phone in Colorado but a drivers license from another state in which I reside.

  5. Mario

    I have come to understand that if I customize my concealed weapon with adding trigger kits, chrome this and chrome that, and also throw in fancy custom grips, blinging, etc… That in a shooting situation and having to go to appear in court, that the attorneys for the other side could say you planned to kill someone by the way you went about customizing the handgun vs. leaving it stock – which could go against you???

  6. James Bice

    I am planning on buying a silencer for my home Gun. Would a procescutor view this negatively?

  7. Paul

    What does someone say immediately to the police after a self defense shooting

  8. Randal

    Point of view as a retired paramedic, I have seen people with fatal injuries continue to fight. As a hunter I have shot deer through the heart and they have continued to run. The goal is to stop the attack. If they are moving forward they are still a threat. If they turn, they are no longer a threat.

  9. Mario

    I joined late and sounded like you may have been answering my question – If someone has a gun pointed at them and you are near the situation, is it better to be a witness rather than try to save someone’s life? Assuming the shooter only wants to shoot the one person? However, in seconds, I do not know if the shooter plans to shoot the one person or also at random? Where would we be better protected by law?
    ((If this question was asked, pls disregard my question.))

  10. Brandyn

    Here in Mississippi you have to do a public notice in the newspaper of the county of the offenses for 30 days before you can apply for a pardon. Is there a certain way it needs to be worded in the paper stating that I want a pardon and why? I have a lot of LEO’s who wrote letters to governor, or parole board, being that I’m wanting to pursue a career in LE. I know it’s kind of off topic. But any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rob for your books and training videos by the way

  11. Steve

    Is nationwide reciprocity even a remote possibility, given strict carry laws in such places as, say, Maryland and Washington, D.C.?

  12. Steve

    Is a firearms instructor — a vocation I’ve considered pursuing — immune from interstate carry laws?

  13. Steve

    If your gun is wrested from you during a struggle and used against others, are you in any way legally responsible — provided of course you live through the resulting incident?

  14. Dennis Path

    Do you care to weigh-in on the wisdom of adopting CCW Constitutional Carry vs Reciprocity of State’s CCW?

  15. Bill

    If we are held to higher level, then why do we carry? The BAD PERSON’s attorney will always look for a way to defend his client and make us look like chumps.

  16. Bill

    best way to carry concealed? my wife is petrified of the grandkids getting hold of a weapon from her purse if off carry. A bullet in the chamber? or not. Do we train the kids? y’all know how kids are when bored while riding in a grocery cart.

  17. Steve

    What is the breaking point between personal legal caution and the responsibility to intervene in a shooting incident that endangers others, but not necessarily oneself? Should we always intervene if possible?

  18. Brandyn

    Being a convicted felon, with gun rights restored, as well as an enhanced carry permit holder, with self defense insurance, if, heaven forbid, I wind up having to defend myself or family with lethal force, would my past make the legal defense be a lot harder bc of my past.

  19. Phil

    I train using hearing protection, but am concerned about the possible disorienting effects of gun fire during a real incident. Should I occasionally shoot without protection to acquaint my “system” with the effects ?

  20. buff2000

    How does the new NRA legal insurance stack up to the other existing “insurance” programs?