• Crazy Monkey Defense: Striking

    Crazy Monkey Defense: Striking

    Crazy Monkey Instructor Cecil Burch explains the concept behind the CM approach to unarmed fighting and shares the fundamental defensive technique that he teaches. In an actual fight, ensuring that you are not knocked out or otherwise seriously injured by a strike is incredibly important.

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  • hip escape

    Hip Escape

    One of the basic concepts of unarmed self-defense is creating distance between you and your attacker. This can be done vertically or horizontally. In this video, PDN Contributor Cecil Burch demonstrates a horizontal displacement move called the hip escape. It comes from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is also known as shrimping. It can be used if…

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  • self defense keychain

    Understanding a Self Defense Keychain

    These defensive implements are increasing in popularity. Cecil Burch of Immediate Action Combatives explains that, although they can be useful, they are not a substitute for knowledge and skill. Merely possessing one does not guarantee you will prevail in a defensive encounter. You must know how to punch and block in order for a small…

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  • Self Defense Techniques: Survival Posture

    Self-Defense Techniques: Survival Posture

    PDN Contributor Cecil Burch demonstrates self-defense techniques, tactics, and positions that you can use to defend, escape, and survive from a physical confrontation. Cecil refers to this as the Survival Posture, and it is comprised of three components. First, keep your hips squared toward the attacker. Second, try to have as few points on the ground…

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  • Establishing the Clinch

    Establishing the Clinch

    Cecil Burch explains how he has evolved the way he teaches establishing a clinch when fighting in extreme close quarters. Cecil explains the difference between reaching out to try to get into a control position, and using your entire body to establish proximity and then get into a clinch.

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  • Controlling an Attacker: Hand to Hand Training

    Controlling an Attacker: Hand-to-Hand Training

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Cecil Burch joins Rob Pincus to demonstrate how to control an attacker. If the attacker is your buddy who’s drunk or otherwise lost it, or if it’s a genuine bad guy whom you’ve subdued and help is about to arrive, you might want to control

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  • PDN 2013 Training Tour: Update #4

    PDN 2013 Training Tour: Update #4

    Rob Pincus checks in from Ohio after completing the East Coast leg of the 2013 PDN training tour. PDN contributor Omari Broussard talks about Instructor Development Training and Contributor Cecil Burch explains what he’s doing at the NE Shooters’ Training Conference in New Hampshire.

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