• Using Long Guns in Confined Spaces

    Using Long Guns in Confined Spaces

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the best techniques for utilizing a long gun in confined spaces like the hallways of your house. He shows what it means to establish a good reactionary gap, how to find the best angles for cover, and why you have to create and maintain an optimal field of vision. In this type…

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  • Deploying Long Guns in Vehicles

    Deploying Long Guns in Vehicles

    Rob Pincus shows how to deploy a long gun from the back of a vehicle, while using the vehicle for cover, in a dynamic critical incident. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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  • Defensive Long Guns

    Defensive Long Guns

    Rob Pincus provides helpful tips for determining when to use a long gun as well as teaches you about different types of long guns. Learn the differences between a rifle and a shotgun. Also, see how to best use specific long guns in defensive situations. Find out what other tips Rob has to offer in…

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