• Practical Stick Defense: Training Safety

    Practical Stick Defense: Training Safety

    Stick defense training is like other types of training: safety first! Michael Janich advises selecting the proper tools and approaching training with the proper mindset so that you and your partner emerge from a practice session uninjured.

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  • Long Stick Defense Tactics

    Long Stick Defense Tactics

    Learn how to successfully use a medium-sized stick in self-defense situations.

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  • Defensive Blades

    Defensive Blades

    There are many options available to you if you are interested in owning and wielding a knife for personal defense, so Rob Pincus and Michael Janich discuss the unique specifications of some of the various defensive blades you’ll find.

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  • Knife Power Demonstration

    Knife Power Demonstration

    In order to properly utilize the capabilities of a defensive knife

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  • Knife Stopping Power

    Knife Stopping Power

    Self-defense is all about stopping power, or stopping an attacker from being dangerous to you. Michael Janich shows you the difference between being effective with a knife and being efficient.

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  • Part 1: Knife Grip

    Part 1: Knife Grip

    The first step to knife defense is being able to grip your knife properly, and there are three basic requirements for using a combative knife.

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  • Part 2: Stance

    Part 2: Stance

    In a real situation that requires you to use a combative knife, your stance is going to be dynamic, but you should at least establish a solid foundation for practicing your knife-wielding tactics.

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  • Part 3: Five Angles of Attack

    Part 3: Five Angles of Attack

    Once you’ve learned how to hold your knife and the best way to stand, the next step is learning how to cut with it. This involves five basic angles of attack, which Michael Janich shows in this demonstration. The five angles serve as general guidelines for the quadrants or zones of your body that you…

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  • Part 4: Defensive Response with a Knife

    Part 4: Defensive Response with a Knife

    Now that you have a good understanding of what goes into defensive knife use, it’s time to start practicing your defensive responses for different situations. Michael Janich demonstrates some of the common attacks you might encounter and how you should respond. He emphasizes the need to make a crippling cut, rather than just a swipe.…

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