• The 5 Ws of Personal Defense

    The 5 Ws of Personal Defense

    Every moment spent planning for the possibility of an encounter with a violent criminal is important. How do we begin to think about that possibility? William Aprill of Aprill Risk Consulting advocates starting with the 5 Ws of Personal Defense known as the who, what, when, where and why of a defensive encounter.

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  • Personal Safety Tip: Wearing a Scarf

    Personal Safety Tip: Wearing a Scarf

    You wear a scarf in cold weather to help stay warm, and that is accomplished by making a tight seal with the scarf around the neck area. Unfortunately, this impacts your personal safety. Wearing a scarf around the neck gives bad guys a way to choke you and a handle they can use to pull…

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  • Accessorizing for Safety

    Accessorizing for Safety

    Ladies, this one’s for you! Kelly Muir looks at two accessories frequently worn by women: the scarf and the necklace. A scarf worn in a certain way, as demonstrated by Kelly, can easily be employed to choke the wearer. Two types of necklaces are shown, one of which is also potentially dangerous.

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  • 3-Minute Home Defense Tactics

    3-Minute Home Defense Tactics

    Rob Pincus reviews the Fundamentals of Home Defense: Evade, Arm, Barricade, Communicate and Respond (as necessary) in just a few minutes. Starting your process of planning “home defense” doesn’t require days of classwork or a lifetime of study… simply understanding these five fundamentals can get you on the right track!

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  • Weak-Handed Presentation From Appendix Carry

    Weak-Handed Presentation From Appendix Carry

    One of the advantages of the “appendix carry” position is that you can draw your defensive firearm with either hand.

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  • self defense for women

    Take It Outside: Self Defense for Women

    Do you spend time outdoors? When most people think about the places they enjoy being in the outdoors the most, quite often they think about places that are isolated.

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  • When a Text Message Can Improve Your Safety

    When a Text Message Can Improve Your Safety

    Many people talk about the negatives of electronic communications in regard to distraction, privacy and our general personal defense efforts, but Kelly Muir shares some thoughts about how text messaging can actually enhance your safety in certain situations.

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  • Intermediate Barriers

    Intermediate Barriers

    As any trained firearm user knows, it is vital when using a defensive weapon

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  • Alternative Target Shooting Area

    Alternative Target Shooting Area

    There are several reasons why you may need to aim at an alternative target area other than the high-center chest area in a defensive shooting scenario.

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