• Immediate Action Plan for a Home Invasion

    Don’t be caught off-guard! Rob Pincus presents some key ideas for dealing with a home invasion. Have a plan, discuss it with your family members, and rehearse it a few different ways. Topics covered include initial movements, locating a phone and calling 911, assembling in a predetermined area of the home, and staging and accessing…

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  • Ambush Response with a Carbine: Counter Ambush Training

    In preparation for running a Figure Eight Drill, which is a counter-ambush drill, we need to understand the realistic movements we would go through if ambushed while carrying a carbine on a sling. All the fundamental carbine skills for defensive shooting are demonstrated and the Figure Eight Drill is run. Administrative safety protocols are also…

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  • Types of Targets

    At the live-fire ranges in every GMA facility, you will find a variety of targets to enhance your marksmanship exercises. GMA Manager and Instructor Jay White and Strategic Projects Manager and Instructor Nick Smith present these types of targets and explain what each one can do to challenge your marksmanship abilities. GMA has designed many…

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  • Training Beyond CCW

    Chris Juelich, director of Gander Mountain Academies, and instructor Dave Hendrick look at why people often don’t train or practice after obtaining their CCW, why they should, plus which techniques should be practiced and scenarios prepared for in subsequent training. GMA’s unique facilities, offering a variety of realistic training scenarios, are discussed.

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  • Pepper Spray Considerations

    Not everyone has the physical or mental capacity to operate a firearm in self-defense, and may decide on using pepper spray instead. GMA Instructor Dave Hendrick looks at the varieties of pepper spray: stream, spray, fog and foam. What does each do? How do you decide which is right for you? And what do you…

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  • Private Shooting Instruction

    If you’ve hit a wall in your firearms training and practice – if there’s something you just can’t get better at — GMA Manager and Instructor Jay White and Instructor Randy Lilly suggest taking an hour of private shooting lessons. They discuss the numerous benefits of having one-on-one time with an instructor who can observe,…

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  • Understanding "Night Sights"

    Should you increase your training budget to include the expense of night sights? Rob Pincus outlines the situations in which night sights can help a defensive shooter, then explains how night sights work. He demonstrates different low- and no-light scenarios, some of which night sights are useful for and others which can be resolved by…

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  • Triggers to Violence

    Based on his years of experience working with violent criminal actors, William Aprill of Aprill Risk Consulting answers the question, “Why are people violent?” Are psychopaths born or made? What societal factors may contribute to the development of violent criminals? Understanding more about these people can help us realize why action may be necessary when…

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  • 3:59

    There are a few key components to your survival plan when multiple people are inside a vehicle and you are an armed passenger. Essential to passenger safety is communicating and cooperating, understanding how to operate a firearm safely in this environment, maintaining muzzle discipline, controlling the other occupants, and taking appropriate action to make sure…

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