• Holding a Rifle with Your Support Hand

    Holding a Rifle with Your Support Hand

    Where should you place your support hand on a rifle? Rob Pincus examines the options, including the magwell grip, gripping the far end of the rail, and placing the hand somewhere in between. Each grip has advantages and disadvantages related to controlling the rifle, fatigue, target acquisition, and unorthodox shooting positions. Rob covers both defensive…

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  • Concealed Carry Options for Personal Defense

    Concealed Carry Options for Personal Defense

    In this extended video clip, Rob Pincus continues taking down defensive shooting myths, this time the idea that an ankle holster is a good concealed carry option for personal defense, especially at close quarters. While an ankle holster may be useful for law enforcement officers to carry a secondary or tertiary firearm, for those geared…

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  • String of Fire and Engaging Multiple Targets

    String of Fire and Engaging Multiple Targets

    With multiple targets set up downrange at different distances and a setup for receiving commands (whether from a training partner, MP3 player, or phone app), Rob Pincus is ready to shoot some strings of fire. He concentrates on visualizing the threat(s) and firing a different number of rounds each time at the multiple targets to…

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  • The Myth of Weak Hand Shooting

    The Myth of Weak Hand Shooting

    Rob Pincus attacks the myth that if you switch to weak hand shooting you will be safer than if you keep the gun in your strong hand. Rob explains the assorted misconceptions and misunderstandings that go along with the idea of switching hands, and demonstrates why strong hand shooting is more beneficial than weak hand…

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  • Training with Shooting Gloves

    Training with Shooting Gloves

    When doing extended practice sessions with your home-defense rifle, you may want to wear shooting gloves to protect your hands from the heat generated by the rifle barrel firing a high number of rounds in a short time frame. Consider investing in shooting gloves that will allow you a lot of tactile response from the…

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  • The Myth of Reloading from a Kneeling Position

    The Myth of Reloading from a Kneeling Position

    During range practice, some shooters drop to one knee to do a reload. Rob Pincus analyzes the disadvantages of reloading from a kneeling position and why shooters may have been trained to do it. If working as part of a military or law enforcement tactical team, taking a knee during a reload or malfunction makes…

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  • 3:29

    Surprise Slide Lock Reload

    The slide lock reload drill is a simple drill that you and your training partners can use to create surprise reload opportunities. Learning the mechanics of proper reloads is just a starting point; your goal should be learning how to apply those mechanical skills without hesitation or cognitive thought when you recognize slide lock.

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  • Lateral Movement Drill

    Lateral Movement Drill

    Trying to find ways to make your training more challenging isn’t always easy. Once you’ve started integrating lateral movement into your reloading, malfunction and presentation techniques, you’ll want to avoid forming patterns of movement that are always the same. As you develop your skill, you should also begin practicing the processing of information as much…

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  • Firing Port Exercise: Pistol Shooting Positions

    Firing Port Exercise: Pistol Shooting Positions

    Time for a skill development drill. A barricade with firing ports of varied sizes and shapes gives us an opportunity to experiment with the different pistol shooting positions we may be in when defending ourselves from behind various obstacles. The value of the exercise is in understanding how we must adjust our body position —…

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