• Learn Extremity Anatomy for Self-Defense

    The hands and wrists are made up of very small bones and joints that are mobile and can be moved in many different ways. Peak-Performance Coach Mike Gillette advises that the first thing to understand is the range of motion the joints have, so you can maintain stability no matter how they move in a…

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  • Importance of Extremity Strength Development

    Peak Performance Coach Mike Gillette talks about how important extremity strength development is to improve all personal defense skills. While core strength development is often promoted, having strong fingers, hands, wrists and forearms is vital to us defensively in numerous ways, including being able to punch more effectively, hold weapons and tools more efficiently and…

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  • 2:50

    Rob Pincus conducts ballistic gelatin testing on the new Hybrid-X ammunition from Winchester. He fires a round of 9mm Winchester Hybrid-X into 10% ballistic gelatin through two layers of cotton fabric, to obtain wound ballistics data. What sets the Hybrid-X ammunition apart from other rounds? Winchester Hybrid-X Hybrid-X is a new design from Winchester Ammunition,…

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  • 1:03

    Guest presenter Steve Aryan of Grey Fox Reviews demonstrates a product that’s useful for rifle shooters who travel and need to break their rifle down into two pieces. You might need to break down a rifle or AR pistol for an airplane flight, or for shorter trips to and from the range when you want…

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  • 4:08

    When shopping for self-defense gear, look for gear that helps you accomplish tasks efficiently, not for gear that looks cool. Sounds simple, right? But it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying gear for the wrong reasons. Rob Pincus gets a lot of questions about what gear he is wearing, from people who’ve seen…

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  • 6:58

    “Constitutional carry” is used within the gun community to mean no permit is required to legally carry a concealed firearm inside a given state, because the U.S. Constitution says Americans have the right to keep and bear arms. Pitfalls of Constitutional Carry In some states with Constitutional carry, certain municipalities within the state may forbid…

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  • 2:28

    Rob Pincus encourages you to take your family to the range, whether they are shooters or not. And it’s not just about turning them into shooters, though that would be a great benefit. The Status Quo Some of you have already taken your family to the range and perhaps have family members who are shooters.…

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  • 4:04

    Law Enforcement Officer Kerry Tanner is on the range shooting with his young daughter Cassidy and talking about gun safety rules for children. As an LEO, Kerry has seen many accidents where children who didn’t know how to handle firearms got a hold of them, with tragic results. Key Gun Safety Rules for Parents and…

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  • active-shooter-scenarios-in-the-workplace

    Active shooters are a growing threat, and training to respond to them in the workplace involves having a plan, practicing drills and, if your company has the resources, implementing scenario training. If you work in a large-scale facility with a lot of people — for example, a school, shopping mall, hospital, or corporate complex —…

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