• Presenting and Shooting From A Seated Position

    Part 4. Presenting and Shooting From A Seated Position

    Most of us spend a lot of our time sitting down, so why not practice for a critical incident that requires you to present and shoot your weapon from a seated position? In this video, Rob Pincus teaches the proper technique for drawing your firearm, getting off an effective shot, standing up and checking your…

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  • Adjusting the Comb of Your Rifle Stock

    Adjusting the Comb of Your Rifle Stock

    As I sat down on this rifle, I realized that I had to hold my head up to get my eye to the center of the scope. There are several ways to take care of that problem.

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  • Active Shooter Protocol

    Active Shooter Protocol

    Active Shooter Protocol definition and explanation including example situations and how to protect yourself and others with a rifle.

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  • Drills with Long Guns and Pistols

    Drills with Long Guns and Pistols

    Tips on personal defense training with rifles and pistols. Learn how to train for malfunctions, reloads and transitions between a rifle and pistol.

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  • Lever Action Defense Scenario

    Lever Action Defense Scenario

    Rob Pincus takes you through a typical home defense situation and describes how things would play out if you were to use a lever action rifle to defend yourself. Find out how to efficiently load a lever action rifle in certain home defense scenarios as well as see how the place where you store your…

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  • The 6.8 SPC Rifle

    The 6.8 SPC Rifle

    Find out everything you need to know about using a 6-8 spc rifle in this video. The 6-8 SPC Rifle was designed to give more firepower. The ease of shooting is amazing, it doesn’t have a violent recoil and provides a great deal of knock down power. Learn that this rifle would be appropriate for…

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