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New Gun Owner: Learning to Shoot in 20 Rounds or Less

Efficiently learning to shoot a defensive pistol is important to a new gun owner and those who do not have the resources to attend multiple day classes. Anytime you are preparing for personal defense, you want your training to take as little time, effort and energy as possible. The first place most people will think about defending themselves with a gun is in their home. In this video, Rob Pincus demonstrates how to take a new shooter through some very simple steps to develop base level skills in less than 20 rounds. 6 minutes


Problem Solving on the Range with a Handgun- Shooting Drills: Balance of Speed and Precision

Rob Pincus and Deryck Poole work with a student on the range to improve his ability to adjust his Balance of Speed & Precision to the target size and distance while in the middle of any handgun shooting drills. Too often, students get conditioned to fire at one particular pace. 3 minutes


String of Fire and Engaging Multiple Targets

With multiple targets set up downrange at different distances and a setup for receiving commands (whether from a training partner, MP3 player, or phone app), Rob Pincus is ready to shoot some strings of fire. He concentrates on visualizing the threat(s) and firing a different number of rounds each time at the multiple targets to more closely simulate a defensive encounter.
7 minutes


Lateral Movement Deceleration Drills

Moving quickly to get off the line of fire is important, but that alone will not stop a threat. Getting the gun into a shooting position and firing on the threat are what ends critical incidents. The faster and better you can decelerate and get into a stable shooting platform, the more easily you’ll be able to get combat-accurate hits on the threat. Close-ups and slow-motion illustrate key concepts of the deceleration drills. 6 minutes


Volume of Fire: Handgun Shooting Accuracy

The volume of fire concept improves your handgun shooting accuracy while delivering a constant string of fire until the threat is stopped, or if you are on the range, until a reactive target goes down. The concept of delivering shots in patterns is flawed because we don’t know how many shots it will take to stop a threat, plus it gives more time for an adversary to shoot back, as well as ingraining an unrealistic, choreographed response. 3 minutes