5 Drills in 5 Days

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
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15 Responses to “5 Drills in 5 Days”

  1. Alisha Narvaez

    This is nonsense. I’m supposed to be able to see 5 days of drills, yet I’m only able to access days 2 and 4 because every time I click on the other days the tab is redirected to a McAfee ad. I’m hugely disappointed in PDN so far.

      • Michael

        The wood 2x4s on the ground are placed at 6 feet and 15 feet from the target. Day one shoots at 15 feet, day 2 starts at 9 feet and moves to 15, day three starts at 6 feet and moves to 15 feet, ect. Good Shooting

  2. Steven MorningStar, Sr

    Watched all of them with no problem. I enjoyed the challenges that they give honing the skills and challenges that they give for Your friends to try.

  3. Jon Robinson

    Thank you . I really enjoyed these drills. I live in the UK and as you know , we have very different firearms laws here, which on the whole is no bad thing. That means I’m using replica airsoft guns, but I still find a huge amount of value & enjoyment from the discipline of practicing drills while observing & respecting firearm safety. Anything that promotes and improves skills to protect your loved ones is definitely worth investing time in…and man …even airsoft guns are fun to shoot!

  4. Jim

    I haven’t had an opportunity to try these yet,they do look like not only a challenge, but also fun!